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Online Business Success Stories
May 24, 2010

Online Business Success Stories

Just wanted to share a few success stories with you and give you a reminder that you still have just over a week to register for the Building a Successful Business Using the Internet Course and take advantage of the three instalment payment option:

The current instalment plan is as follows:
First payment – K1,200,000
Second payment – K1,200,000
Third and last payment – K1,100,000

In order to take advantage of this offer you must

register here

for the next class which is from 2nd October – 4th December 2010 AND confirm your intention to pay in instalments by 31st May 2010.

Of-course, if you can manage to pay the whole amount at once it’s still a good idea to register early in order to reserve your spot.

I really look forward to seeing you there and to helping you to start earning a good income online. In the online world you pretty much decide what you want to earn based on how much time and commitment you put into it.

Here are a few good examples of the amazing successes people have achieved through the principles taught in this course:

Sitesell Success Stories

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