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My New Book, a Gift to You Today
February 10, 2015

My New Book, a Gift to You Today

Today, Tuesday 2/10/2015 is the day to discover my book, Power Principles for Fearless & Abundant Living for only £0.99 on Kindle

"In the POWER PRINCIPLES series of books, Dr. Moses Simuyemba, "Africa's Success Coach", shares his knowledge, experience and insight to help you in overcoming your personal challenges and limitations and inspire you towards the life you desire and deserve: a life of greater purpose, free of fear and full of abundance."

Here is the link:*Version*=1&*entri

1. Tuesday, 2/10/2015, access the online Kindle or download version of the book for just $0.99 US for 24 hours only!

2. Write a brief review of the book or the preview after purchase.
We are shooting for 5 stars!

3. Share this outstanding opportunity TODAY with friends using the sample copy below.

New book, Power Principles will inspire you to overcome your fear and personal challenges. For 24 hours only £0.99*Version*=1&*entri Enjoy, and let me know what you think about my book!

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