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How do you create motivation? No doubt you have also had experiences where you just feel drained of energy and do not want to do anything about anything. You know, those days when everything just seems either pointless or overwhelming. It is during such times that you need to find that spark that will set you on fire and moving again .

When this feeling creeps up on me, which is not often, the bed is my best friend. I don’t want to get up or do anything that requires any kind of mental or physical exertion whatsoever. While this is a rare occurrence for me, there are people for whom it is a daily struggle. They just don’t have any zeal or passion for life. In fact the only reason most get up at all is that they have to go to work to earn a living or some other obligation they have.

The Secret to Lasting Motivation

So what is the big secret? How do you get yourself out of the doldrums and into the winds of life and activity? How do you create lasting motivation? I have found that the real answer lies in your “why.” If your reason for doing anything is strong enough, motivation to do it comes easy. If the reason is weak or inadequate you will find yourself often running out of steam to achieve it.

Your why has to be a strong, burning desire. If you need more explanation on this refer to the article “definition of motivation.” Once you have your why sorted out there are still other practical steps you can take to keep on course and to maintain your motivation. Here are a few:

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Some Practical Tips To Create Motivation

- Ignore your feelings. This is not the easiest thing to do as it requires a bit of dissociation from yourself. Feelings often betray us and are not always a true reflection of the reality around us. There is a famous saying: “feel the fear and do it anyway.” You can replace the word fear with discouragement, apprehension, intimidation and so on. Just do it regardless of how you feel.

- Get started. The longer you delay in starting a project, the more likely it is that you will either not start it at all or you will not complete it. Action inspires more action. Just get started with the first step. The rest often falls in place once you decide to get moving.

- Break large tasks into smaller and more manageable steps. Having one huge task to perform might make it seem impossible and intimidating. Breaking it into smaller tasks will make it more feasible and practical. An added bonus is the sense of achievement and progress you will get from completing each small task.

- Associate with the right people. Positive energy is more contagious than the flu. Just smile at a stranger and see what happens. Associating with the right people who are achievers and themselves motivated will help you to create motivation. Stay away from negative people. Most of all, I have found that the best way to create motivation is from within. It is an inside-out approach and not an outside-in approach. You should not look to anything or anyone but yourself if you desire sustained and effective motivation. It is a process and not an overnight thing. Work on your thinking, your knowledge, your assumptions, your interests and other areas over time. Be dedicated to improving yourself in every way. That is the only real way to create lasting motivation.

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