Motivation Tips on Daily Motivation

Daily motivation is a little like daily bread. Just because you ate yesterday does not mean you do not need to eat today. Your body requires food everyday in order for it to function properly. Likewise your mind requires the right environment everyday in order for it to function properly.

Like a lot of people I have often found myself being very excited after reading some motivational material or listening to some inspiring message. Then a couple of days down the road I’d be back in the doldrums, feeling like life is hopeless and my dreams are just too hard to reach. Lots of people have written to me through this website with the same dilemma asking for advice. It is not an uncommon problem.

The struggle to maintain daily motivation is a constant one. Fortunately, it gets easier as you do it more and more. Like the little child that will stumble and fall whilst learning to walk you may also stumble and fall whilst striving for your dreams. The trick? Get up and try again. Cry, if you must, but get up and try again.

The foundation of motivation is to “know your why.” If you don’t have a why, find one. That would be my number one piece of advice.

Once the why is figured out everything else tends to fall in place. Go through these great daily motivation tips and see how you can be motivated everyday :

- Feed your mind everyday.
Read, watch and listen to inspiring and encouraging material everyday. Just a few minutes a day can make a huge difference and help you to stay focused on what’s important. There is enough distraction and discouragement everywhere around you. You are exposed to negativity all the time. That is not in your control. What’s in your control is that you can make a deliberate effort to expose yourself to positive influences.

- Start the day with passion.
The first thing you do or say in the morning often has a huge effect on the rest of your day. When you get up in the morning remind yourself of your dreams and your why. Say positive things about how your day is going to be. For example, I often say “today is going to be the greatest and best day of my life.” It’s going to be better than yesterday and I will do everything possible to achieve my dreams.” Expect the best and you will get the best. That is one of the secrets of daily motivation.

- Focus on your dreams.
Have a clear vision of what you want . If you really want something, it should be the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing you think about before you sleep. That is the minimum. You need to visualize this many more times during the day. What the mind continuously thinks about it brings about. Feed you mind the vision you have created every chance you get. With time, it will become effortless. You will not be able to separate yourself from your vision. It will become part of you. That’s when things start happening.

- Do. Do. Do.
One sure way to get demotivated is not to take any action. Do something everyday to get you closer to achieving your dreams. Little things count and momentum builds up. Inaction is probably the number one cause of frustration and failure for a lot of people. Take action today.
- Be realistic
Don’t set unrealistic goals or expect too much too soon. If you do this you will feel that you are not getting anywhere and will be discouraged. Set out achievable daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. This will help you to see the big picture and to understand how every small thing you do is adding to that picture.

- Be patient
Cliché, I know, but true. Know that lasting success does not come overnight. Anything worth having is worth the wait. As long as waiting is not all you are doing!

I hope these daily motivation tips have been useful and that you are encouraged by them. Go get ‘em!

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