Trusting God
Inspiring Lessons From A Baby

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An inspirational motivation story on trusting God from the ”Lessons from a Baby”  series.

Babies cry a lot. Wow, I’m sure that was no revelation! Our son, Shiza, is no exception although, fortunately, he cries a lot less than most babies. In fact, most people comment on how quiet and easy to take care of he is.

When he does cry, it is often because there is something wrong or something he wants. Usually that’s one of three things – sleep, food, or companionship. Sleep and food are pretty much expected, but companionship? Yes. I do believe that’s what it is. Call it attention, if you like.

There are times when he’ll be in a room alone and start crying and immediately he’s picked up he’ll stop crying. At other times you may be together and he notices you are not looking at him and starts crying. Immediately you look in his direction he stops crying and smiles or laughs.

A Child's Trust

It seems that with time the child comes to know that when the parents are around everything is okay. They come to trust their parents. That is why a touch or a glance from a parent is so reassuring to a child. I believe, in his mind, the parent is the answer to all the child’s problems.

To the child, the parent becomes associated with food, warmth, comfort, acceptance, companionship and all those good things. Of-course this can go the opposite way if the parents are not doing a good job. But even in such circumstances the child will still have a certain degree of trust in their parent.

Part of being a parent is ensuring that a child feels secure, loved and cared for. But, there are also times when you realize as a parent that giving in to every cry or demand is ultimately not good for you or the child. There are times when unreasonable demands must not be fulfilled.

Sometimes, when Shiza cries, it is enough for us to simply ensure that he is in no danger and that he is fed, warm, clean and comfortable. Often this happens at night and as my wife and I both work, we cannot afford to be kept up all night and go to work like zombies.

We sometimes let him cry it out and fall asleep on his own, within reason and as long as he does not get too distressed. I think it’s healthy. Balance is important. Too much pampering is not good for anyone. At times you tough love is necessary. The sooner a child learns that not every demand will be met the better. They will learn what is reasonable and what is not. They will learn to handle frustration and “no” better.After all, the world is a harsh place and it will not give them all they want all the time.

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Trusting God - Your Relationship With God

One day it struck me that the kind of relationship I have with my son is the kind of relationship God would want me to have with him as his child. Trusting God meant having the kind of relationship a parent has with a child.

A child trusts his parents instinctively if they have created and maintained a good environment for them. What the parents say is “gospel” truth to the child. With the parents around, the child is safe and confident. Trusting God means means taking him at His Word. After all, He does say his word is supreme to everything else.

It is written in the Bible about how Jesus loved children:

“And he called a little child to himself and put him in the midst of them. And said, Truly I say to you, unless you repent and become like little children, you can never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever will humble himself, therefore, and become like this little child, is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

Mathew 18:3-4, Bible.

That passage carries new meaning for me now. The way my son trusts me is the way I am supposed to trust God. Unquestionably. When God says it, I’m not to doubt it. I should take his word as the truth.Trusting God means looking at him as my Father to be able to provide for all my needs, just like my son depends on me and his mother for his needs.

I am challenged by my son. As I grew older the world taught me not to trust in my parent, God. But God says – “I care about you. I have your well-being at heart. Trust in me. Do as I say. Have faith. I will never let you down.”

But instead we trust in other men and in “science” and religion and all that when we should be trusting God. Now, through my son’s example and God’s guidance, I know what it means to trust in God. He is the perfect parent.

When a parent tells a child to do or not to do something the child often does not understand why. But if he trusts and respects his parent, they will obey regardless. So when God says I should or should not do something I don’t always need to know or understand why. Trusting God means I just need to obey.

As the child grows and becomes more mature, they will eventually know and understand why. As I grow and mature spiritually I will eventually know and understand why.

If a 5 year old asks for a car, whether you can afford it or not is not the issue. The issue is they are too young! Even when he’s 19, if he’s irresponsible and likely to kill himself and others you still won’t get it for him.

Similarly, God won’t always give me what I ask for. Either I’m not ready for it or it’s just not good for me. Either way, if I have a good relationship with him, he will make it clear that the answer is "no". Hey, if I’m really in “good books” with him he may even show me why it is no! Trusting God means sometimes accepting "no" for an answer.

After reading this inspirational motivation story I urge you to take action and apply it to your own life.

Read the Bible and find out the marvellous promises God has made to every one that trusts and loves him.

God is the only one that can really help you in your desire to live the fulfilling life you want.

Jesus says:

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

John 10:10, Bible.

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