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The Dreamer's E-zine, Issue #003-- This Could Be Your Best Year Ever.
January 31, 2007
Hello,, do you realise that

This Could Be Your Best Year Ever

“Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work.” H. L. Hunt

"Each indecision brings its own delays and days are lost lamenting over lost days..." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Every time I start a new year I always ask myself what I can do to make this year better than the previous year. I hope that you are asking yourself the same question too.

The simple fact is that if you do not make a deliberate decision and effort to make this year a good year, it most likely will not be. Sure you will have some successes, but not nearly as much as you would have had had you made some concrete decisions and plans.

So this could indeed be your best year ever. It all depends on you. You can make the decision today to make it your best year ever. Don’t leave it to chance. Don’t just hope it will be a good year. Make the decision.

Imagine for a moment that it is December 31st 2007. The year has ended. What have you done with it? What have you achieved in the past year? If you are anything like me, you would want to look back on 2007 and think how much better off you are today than you were on the 1st of January 2007. It’s a really great feeling to end the year on a better note than you start it.

It’s also not such a pleasant thing to end the year either worse than you started it or static, with no movement either way. Remember that “We can try to avoid making choices by doing nothing, but even that is a decision.” Gary Collins’ preceding words tell us that there is no such thing as being undecided. If you do not decide to succeed you are inevitably deciding to fail.

So as you start this year, I hope you will make that decision to make it your best year ever. Be all you can be this year.

All the best to you as you reach out to your dreams in 2007.

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