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The Dreamer's E-zine, Issue #005-- The Meaning of Success
July 17, 2007
, Thanks for helping me to find

The True Meaning of Success

, in the last issue I asked for help with getting to know the true meaning of success. I asked you and other readers of this e-zine to write in and tell me what you think success is.

The response was very overwhelming and it has taken me many days to go through all the responses, sort them and finally post them on motivation-for-dreamers. But finally itís done.

Now, you can view all the responses to

the true meaning of success here.

There is so much to be learnt here so take your time and read through them. It was a pleasure for me to read all the responses and thanks to all of you that contributed to this engaging debate.

If you have anything to add or would like your submission corrected in case I made an error just send me a note.

Articles from Visitors

It is one of the principles of life that by helping others in one way or another you will also be helped. Send your article to me and I will put it up on the site so others can benefit from your experiences and creativity. Letís help each other as dreamers to be all we can be.

You can read the articles here.

Have you sent your contribution yet? Don't procrastinate. Do it now.

Newspaper Articles

, have you missed any of my Post Newspaper articles or just want to refer to an article you read in the past? Don't worry, I have all the past articles archived here for you. You can read them at your own convenience.

New articles since the last issue include
Never Assume

Doing time

Taking Time Out

The Certainty of Success

Tell me what you think

Have you got a comment or suggestion on anything. I would love to hear from you on what you think of this newsletter, what you would like to see on my website or anything else you might have to say.

Drop me a line here.

NOW YOU CAN BE HEARD AND SEEN TOO. I have put up more of your comments on the comments section.

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