What is the Meaning of Success?

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What is the meaning of success? What is success?

I recently thought about these questions and couldn’t quite come up with an adequate answer on my own. This was because I came to realise that there is more to success that what we normally perceive it to be.

So rather than give my own ideas on the matter I asked subscribers to “The Dreamer’s Guide” Motivation Newsletter what success meant to them. The answers were quite varied, although quite a lot had some things in common.

This just goes to show that, to some extent, success is a personal thing. You may achieve exactly the same thing as someone else and yet not feel as successful as the other person. It all depends on your perspective as these

success quotes and famous success quotes I also found that success can be yours - if you have the right information. This provided some good insight as to what success is. You would also do well to check out this useful site that will help you

achieve goal setting success. Here you can learn how to achieve your own success with these free goal setting tools and advice, including a tutorial style workbook.

Check out the pages below for the answers I got to what success means.

Thanks to all of you that contributed and sent in your thoughts. It is amazing the amount of knowledge and great advice there is out there. Thanks for sharing it in grand style.

Remember your opinion matters and no one opinion is more important than another. By sharing your thoughts we are all enriched and gain more from one another.

As the African proverb goes - "Wisdom is like a baobab tree, no one individual can fully embrace it."

Personal thoughts on the meaning of success

The meaning of success - personal perpectives Personal perspectives - 2
Personal perspectives - 3
Personal perspectives - 4
Personal perspectives- 5
Personal perspectives - 6
Personal perspectives - 7
Personal perspectives- 8
Personal perspectives - 9
Personal perspectives - 10

Here's a useful website I found with more information on what it takes to succeed:
http://what-is-success.com Success does not just happen, you need to learn how to succeed and it is not learned in school. What is success contains the basic tools you may be missing.

Thank you to all who contributed to this discourse, once again.


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