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Yes, There Is A Short-Cut To Success!
September 29, 2009

Yes, There Is A Short-Cut To Success!

Untapped Strategies for Success in Today's Market

"Desperate times require desperate measures" I overheard someone say the other day. I was standing in line to order my late afternoon Latte at a well-known coffee establishment and the buzz in the room wasn't from the caffeine, it was from the customer chat. They were expressing their feelings of being down and out; hopeless of ever getting back what they've lost or of ever achieving what they were hoping to achieve; waiting for times to change before they would dare to decide what they should do next and their belief that there were no opportunities in existence anymore.

I wanted to shout out to infuse them with faith, hope and confidence by sharing the silver bullet knowledge that I have: that all the prosperity, success and well-being they seek is already in and among them, ripe and ready for them to pick up just as they picked up their Java to go.


Announcing "The Greatest Motivational Speaker" Competition FINALISTS

Here are the finalists for the competition. So many wonderful entries to choose from, all very enlightening and inspiring. But we had to choose the finalists - actually YOU chose the finalists through your comments and votes on teh articles.

Now we have to pick two winners, one from each category below. Half the votes are from you and the other half are the judges' votes.

So please go and comment and vote for your favourite articles. The prizes again are:

1. A full standard coaching package of 10 coaching sessions with me (in person, over the phone or over the internet)?

The finalists for this prize are:
Stand Up!! Be Counted. by Philip Bwalya

What Are The Preponderances Of Your Mind? by Edson M. Chilala

Life is a mirror, Everything is Feedback by Christopher Kabamba

2. Your own successful internet business (which you can get and run anywhere in the world)?

The finalists for this prize are:
Activate Your Inner Refuse Bin by Daisy Mukuni

Be Bold and Speak the Words by Tamara Lukonde

Be Tribute to an Unrewarded Genius by Christopher Kabamba

VOTE & COMMENT HERE. Only two weeks left for us to chose a winner so hurry.

Congratulations to the finalists and thanks to all that submitted articles to the competition.

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