The Greatest Motivational Speaker Series

Inspiring Articles from Really Great People

"Have you ever wanted to be a motivational speaker? Well, now you can be...

That was the question I asked vsiitors to this site a couple of months ago.

I invited people to sumbit articles to enter a competition in which they would write their most inspirational motivational speeches. There were two prizes up for grabs:

1. A full standard coaching package of 10 coaching sessions with me (in person, over the phone or over the internet)?
2. Your own successful internet business (which you can get and run anywhere in the world)?

These prizes were each worth over USD 1200 each.

The entries started rolling in and I was just amazed at the quality and depth of the articles that were entered. They were really inspiring and uplifting and I learnt so much in the process from all the entries.

Which just goes to show you - we all have a story to tell and some inspiration to impart. Also be sure to read these other entries for the motivational speaker competition.

Choosing a Winner

I am yet to choose two winners from these entries. There will be two rounds of voting for the winner:

Round 1: The articles with the most votes and comments will make it into the top finalists. Get your friends and family to review your article, vote for you and leave a comment if they like what you have written. Every vote counts.

Round 2: Another round of voting for the top 10 articles will take place. The judges will choose a winner based 50% on these votes and 50% on the judges’ opinion of the articles.

Our judges will review each entry and judge the entries according to:
- Writing style
- Value and uniqueness of the message in the article

All the best to you!

Read Inspirational articles from the "The Greatest Motivational Speakers" below

Don't forget to vote for yoru favourite and comment.

There is No such thing as a Self Made Man 
Thank you, Thank you all very much for this wonderful award, in my walk as a motivational speaker as well as life coach I have learnt one truth, there …

I Can't 
What we tell the mind is what the mind does. I was the quintessential "I can't" child -- the poster child for the Advancement of the word "can't." …

The Fight for Congruency 
As I was contemplating on what I briefly want to share with you today, I received a quote by Brian Tracy posted on FaceBook, the social networking website. …

The Secret to Life, Success, Failure and Everything Else 
Is there a secret to life, success, failure and everything else? Yes there is. It is a secret that has existed for as far back as anyone can go. In fact, …

Our Time is Now 
Evething has got its own time and time has come when we as youths are supposed to rise with one voice and speak out. Not only for our benefit and our …

The One Thing That Keeps You Waiting 
You wait for something good to happen in your life just to be told that you are going to die. That is a paraphrase of my favorite line in the movie, …

Stand Up!! Be Counted. 
STAND UP!! BE COUNTED. Stand up and be counted. Why should you forever be living on wishes and regrets? Admiring those in the lime light, cursing the …

What Are The Preponderances Of Your Mind? 
This indeed is a thought provoking question that must be going through each one's is a question that requires a very honest response from any …

I See No Future For the Young 
We are living blind and it's hard to find a path of peace or any future with a light. Its hard to fight without a sight and many are sad without a choice, …

All We Need Is Love In This World 
I stand here today humbled and grateful to God for allowing me to breath in on this day because accurate information is a key part of motivation. It …

Lessons From the Way a Radio Works 
Every now and then, I meet intelligent people curious about life and really wanting to know the nature of things and the inner workings of life. What …

God Will Take Us Through What We struggle Through Till We Get The Lesson 
Hi My Name is Natalie, I want to share a very inspiring message about freindship. I won't mention this person's name but he knows himself. Recently …

Life is a mirror. Everything is Feedback 
You will agree with me that we all want to live happy and fulfilling lives doing what we love and surrounded by the people we adore. Freedom and happiness …

Winners Mentality 
Winning is a word that is exciting to hear and great to be associated with but only a few people ever taste it. Every person want to be associated with …

The Butterfly  
Struggle! Why? how many people like struggling- why cant things just be easy! Here is a story of a butterfly. A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. …

An Indelible Inspiration 
May I begin by registering my gratitude for these achievements and thank God for the grace ever so abundant in my life. May I also note at this point …

MIND - the Common Denominator 
There is a medium common to man. In every generation, as far back as you can go, there has been a remnant of men and women whose lives point to the fact …

Before We Go Not rated yet
I have a dream! The most common and inspiring words of Martin Luther king. Yes we can! The most common and inspiring words of Barack Obama. We will …

I Will Never Forget Not rated yet
It’s yet another year but I recall like yesterday, the night before you passed away. All the sweet words you said that gave me hope but the early hours …

Our Time is Now Not rated yet
Good morning. It is an honor for me to be here and to speak to everyone of you. I am deeply grateful for the welcome that I've received. our countries …

Forget It All Not rated yet
Everyone of us has had a dream of living a better life but the evil winds usually sweep and blow us to places so far from our disired is …


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