Life is a mirror. Everything is Feedback

by Christopher Kabamba



You will agree with me that we all want to live happy and fulfilling lives doing what we love and surrounded by the people we adore. Freedom and happiness is the ultimate quest of the human spirit. All
Content 2.0 - Manage New Submissionhuman accomplishments can, in one way or the other, be traced back to the need to be happy and free.

Everywhere you go, from the grandest capitals of western civilization to the forgotten corners of the African continent; whether be it the top executives in the skyscrapers of New York city or the poor street vendors in the corridors of Lusaka's Cha Cha Cha Road; the cry has been, is and will always be the same, "we want to be free. We want to be happy."

The truth is that a truly happy and fulfilling life is not a product of chance (luck). It is an artifact of Universal Law; the hidden Justice that regulates all life.

As far back as I can remember, I have always known of the existence of such a law. I did not however, possess enough vocabulary to explain what it was.

But it always seemed to me that there was something that creatively determines the rest. In the last few years, I have sincerely sought to understand the inner workings of this law that regulates all life. In the process, I have read many books, listened to many speakers and talked to many people on the subject of personal growth. Coupled with personal life experiences, I have come to learn a number of things that, to say the least, have been life changing.

This morning, I want to take a few minutes and share with you one such distinction. It is an idea which, when understood will dramatically change the way you look at things.

With this knowledge, you will certainly posses an empowering worldview. It is by no means a new idea. It is something that you have probably heard before. But you've got to have a revelation of it, if you are to benefit from the wisdom that it seeks to convey.

"Life is a mirror. Everything is Feedback"

This is what I want to share with you this morning; I have a very simple task of communicating this idea to you. My appeal is that you catch it and you can rest be assured that many years from now; you will look back to this day in appreciation. I have no doubt; this will be a life changing idea for many of you. Life is a mirror, everything else is feedback.

The basic concept behind "feedback" is that everything that you experience in life, positive or negative is a reflection of your-self. Your life and everything in it is a reflection of you. The circumstances of your life can speak volumes about the person you have become.

Feedback is like the image that you see when you stand before the mirror. It is not the real thing but it, in many ways represents the real thing. It represents you, the object before the mirror. It is a result. That is what all the circumstances of your life are. They are results.

All your life experiences are results, images, shadows. They are messengers "sent" to tell you something about you. Use life circumstances (positive or negative) to learn something about you.

The negative circumstances of your life are like symptoms of a disease. They are not the problem. They are signs that there is a problem. They are not to be despised. They are to be used as a guide to resolve the problem they come to announce.

Feedback is cross cutting idea which will help you improve every aspect of your life. By monitoring the results you are getting in every area of your life you will be able to adjust your thoughts, feelings and actions accordingly. Every facet of your life experience is a mere reaction or response to the essence of who you are; much more, the kind of person you have become.

The first time I came across this idea, it frightened me because it implies that we are responsible for what we become in life. I was not willing to take full responsibility for my life. But like ones life purpose, this idea persisted in my mind. Because I knew it was true, there was only one logical option: I had to surrender.

It was during a period of time when I had just lost my first car in a road traffic accident. Even more, a life was lost in the same accident. Filled with grief and confused about what had just happened, I begun to question what I believed in.

I never for a moment doubted Gods existence. I never doubted his love for me. But it was clear that I had lessons to learn about His workings, His modus operandi.

With time, God brought me through but not without profound lessons of the Universal Laws which are forever settled in the heavens. Feedback, which is essentially the law of sowing and reaping, is one such law that I learned during this life changing period of my life.

As you live in this world, it is as if there is a mirror everywhere you look. Therefore everything you see is your own reflection. Everything reflects self. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings and actions. You don't necessarily get what you want out of life. You get what you are. Things don't change; you do. And when you change, they do.

This is the more reason why you have to pursue personal growth and development. If anything will have to change, it will have to be you. So I encourage you; work on your-self. You are the person you have been waiting for. As Mahatma Gandhi said, "we must become the change we want to see in the world." As it is written, "All creation is waiting for the manifestation of the Children of God." All creation is waiting for you to make the first move.

Everything depends on you because everything is a projection of your thoughts; your consciousness. If anything affects you, it is up to you to change. This is the reason why we have power to overcome any challenge in our lives. It is because those challenges are projections of our thoughts and the kind of people we have become. And the only way we can overcome them is to overcome the thoughts, our thoughts, which projected those situations in our lives.

You will never possibly experience anything that you have no control over. If by any chance, there is anything over which you have no control, be rest assured that you will never experience it. You cannot even conceive it in your mind if you can't handle it.

You are much more than you give yourself credit for. Everything that has ever happened in your life, you have brought in your life and by the same law you can drive them out of your life if they are things that don't add value to the quality of your life. Every time you decide. It has always been that way.

Take heart if you have brought untold misery in your life. Don't try to change the man in the mirror. It is a futile experience. This is what happens every time you fight the circumstances of your life. The only way you can bring good in your life is not by working on the man inside the mirror.

It is the man in front of the mirror who decides. When the man in front of the mirror is clean, the man inside the mirror will follow suit. This happens by law. What you are inside will ultimately be projected outside; "As within so without."

Having this perspective in life will be very empowering for you. What this means is that you decide what happens. You do so by the person you choose to become. This means that it is there is really nothing out there to fear but your own reflection. "With the same measure you give, it will be given back to you pressed down shaken together and running over, shall men give into your bosom." Things are never lost. What you send out will always come back to you.

As I prepare to take my seat, I wish remind you of a powerful statement found in the Holy Scriptures. I will quote from the book of Philippians 4 vs. 8 and 9 of the New King James Version translation:

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is fair, whatever is pure, whatever is acceptable, whatever is commendable, if there is anything of excellence and if there is anything praiseworthy - keep thinking about these things. Likewise, keep practicing these things: what you have learned, received, heard, and seen in me. Then the God of peace will be with you.?

Thank you.

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