Be Bold and Speak the Words

by Tamara Lukonde

A great speaker will not speak because he can,instead will always speak when there is a need. They say actions speak louder than words I say words seal the deal.

Words have such a huge influence on our lives that they can determine our failures and success. We use words in our daily lives in order to transmite a particular message to and from one or more people.

Words are one of the greatest gifts, we have a choice to use them wiselly or unwiselly, to either speak words of success or failure.Jesus christ expressed his divine power using words, made the lame walk, restored sight to the blind and raised the dead.

When I look it this it gives me the ability to know what to say and when to say. The tougue of man is mightier than fighting. Reminds me of the time when I was a little girl and I would get a good spanking from my mum for climbing trees, usually a few minutes later I would have forgotten about the beating, but if a word was said inform of punishment that would never be forgotten.

We have precedents from people like Ben Carson who is the great neurosurgeon today because of the words his mother Sonya Carson used to say to him.

We can succeed in life if we can cushion our words so that the bumps of life's highway will not be felt. Pharoah's tomb contained this advice,'make thyself a craftman in speech for thereby thou shalt gain the upper hand.'

When you surround yourself with positive words its like a seed in you begins to germinate and later the onus is on you to give the seed the other requirments.

In Isaiah 48, the Bible states,'I have declared the former things from the beginning,they went forth from my mouth I caused them to hear it, suddenlly i did them and they came to pass.'

Regardless of the surrounding forces just be bold and say the right words.What you say is what you are.

You complain you remain.

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