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You haven't achieved much this year
December 05, 2007

You Haven't Achieved Much This Year

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”
Habakkuk 2

If you are anything like me, by this time of the year you are probably feeling like you have let yourself down and haven’t done quite as much as you should have with 2007.

When a new year starts we are often very excited and eager to make progress in our lives. We make New Year’s resolutions and other plans. They all seem very achievable at the beginning of the year. What’s more, it seems like we have all the time in the world in the coming year.

But often, we tend to be over optimistic with how much time we will have and how many things we can accomplish in one year. Hence the usual disappointment when the year comes to an end.

The reality is that the year is in itself a very artificial thing. The dates and calendars are simply a way for us to understand time and to understand nature. The truth is, apart from the numbers and names we give them, every day and every year is essentially the same as the next.

So we should not fall into the trap of breaking our lives into years and periods. Life is a continuous process. Growth and progress are continuous. So rather than thinking about how much you have done this year in comparison to how much you planned to do in the year, you should look at how far you have progresses towards your ultimate objectives in life.

The important thing is not so much what you have accomplished this year, but whether you are moving in the right direction or not. Your plans may take longer than a year to accomplish or to start bearing fruit.

Furthermore, if you believe and trust in God you will realise that God may not fit his plans neatly into a year. He will accomplish his plan for your life, with your full participation, when the time is right.

In this fast paced world we often look for quick solutions to all our problems and quick fulfillment of our plans. But a tree does not grow from a seedling and bear fruit within a year. Your life cannot totally change within a year. It is the nature of things that they should go through a process, without which the results would be undesirable and half-baked. If a tree grows too fast, it will be too weak to withstand the winds that will come against it when it is tall.

The process may take time, but it will only serve to strengthen you and make you better prepared for what you will face when the time comes for you to stand tall above the crowd.

Celebrate what you have accomplished this year, rather than mull over what you have not done. Look forward to, and continue on the path you have chosen.

The vision may tarry, but it will not fail…


Harvard Chinyemba wrote in and shared these four wonderful articles:
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Natalie Mukuka shares how she is making a change for the better in her life in A Purposeless Life.

Ronald talks about the challenges he faced on the road to success and how it has strengthened him as he talks about Sky is the Limit

Just remember Ronald that the sky has never been the Limit. You can and, am sure, will achieve much more.

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