Read, Read, Read.......

by Harvard Chinyemba
(Lusaka, Zambia.)

I once read that if you want to hide anything from an African, simply put it in a book.

This has proved to be very true in today's society where many, especially us youths are very lazy when it comes to reading. We prefer watching that 'one-eyed-devil' we have come to know as television to spending some time in a library or at home reading a book.

I remember seeing a lot of my friends coming with all sorts of video tapes at school during my secondary school days. Nowadays I see many of these young people carrying expensive phones to school.

Of course, we must enjoy life and buy anything we want if we can afford it. Beside, we only live once, hence we must enjoy life to the fullest. But many of you would agree with me that most often than not, these phones are used to communicate with so called lovers who they pay so much attention to than school, thereby putting their future in jeopardy.

Remember, you are yourself plus the books you have read. When we read, we listen to great minds.We listen to people who have made it in life. While putting our ear on their chests, we listen to their hearts, because when someone sits down to pen something, they think not with their minds but with their heart, churning out the best within them.

As the saying goes, "walk with the wise and you will be wiser." Read books that will change your life. Books like the Bible, Think big, Gifted Hands, Newspaper articles and many more.

Many have written about this topic, hence it might be a bore to some of you, but I have also learnt that when a song is played over and over again, some begin to hate it, but some begin to appreciate it. Great minds see big in small things.

So, if we are to see poverty alleviation and meaningful development in Africa, this is the starting point.

Parents also play an important role in the early stages of a child's education.I am glad that we have made great strides in teaching our children how to speak English, but we must also emphasize the importance of reading and writing.

Also, monitor how much time your children spend watching TV. Some months ago I told a friend of mine that I am becoming dull because I watch too much TV.I hardly read proverbs when I wake up and when I go to bed. But I am working on my attitude.

Lastly, a human mind is elastic. When you read, it begins to stretch because you start making pictures in your mind as opposed to watching TV which already has them.

It is therefore,my dream that Africa will be known
as a continent of great thinkers, readers, and writers; not a disease, war and hunger-stricken continent.

It all starts with you and me.
God richly bless you.

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Jan 22, 2013
Upcoming Book
by: Moses

Dear Harvard,
I am excited to inform you of a project I have been working on for my third book project. It is entitled:


It is a collection of articles that authors from around the world, like you, have submitted to my website Motivation for Dreamers ( I thought it would be a good idea to spread your wonderful insight and wisdom to others who may not have access to the internet or who might just love to have a book to share with others as well as to enjoy reading themselves.

I am writing to ask your permission to include the following articles in this book:
• Read, Read, Read
• If You Falter in Times of Trouble, How Small is Your Strength!
• It's Not About Muscles, But Brains
• Who Told You That You are Black or White?
• Change Your Life
• Our land and the future of our children
• Letter to the Big Vision Carrier
• Money in the Hand of a Fool

The book will be available on, and their affiliated booksellers as well as in bookstores in Zambia, for a start. Who knows, perhaps we could partner to have the books sold in your country or city as well.

This request is for a non-exclusive, irrevocable, and royalty-free permission, and it is not intended to interfere with other uses of the same work by you. I will include a full citation to your work and other acknowledgements as requested.

Please let me know if this is okay.

As a way of saying thank you I would be happy to send a few copies of the book to you. Please provide your preferred mailing address if you would like me to do so.

Best regards,

Dr. Moses Simuyemba, CPC
Cell: +26097 7876569
Post Net No 77, P/B E835
Lusaka, Zambia
Services: 1. Public Health Consultancy 2. Research (Health & Other),
3. Organisational Development 4. Personal Development

Nov 10, 2007
by: Tamara

wow,this is so true.very few of us want to read.i hope alot of people see this and encourage young people to read not only for passing an exam but for leisure it is actually so relaxing and starts with baby steps.

Nov 04, 2007
Reading is essential to success
by: Moses

Harvard, I totally agree with you. In today's world it is all too easy to get distracted with all the gadgets and technology around us. We need to keep focused on what's important and be disciplined with our time.

One thing that sets the high achievers from the mediocre people in any area of life is the habit of reading. Those who read excel. Those who don't stagnate and fall behind always.

Thanks for your wonderful insight.

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