Letter to the Big Vision Carrier.

by Harvard Chinyemba
(Lusaka, Zambia.)

I have just finished reading a book bearing the title: "I had no Father but God", which was written by the founder and President of Trinity Broadcasting Network,Paul F. Crouch. This is a personal letter to his two sons, Paul Crouch Jr. and Matt Crouch.

But I have found it to be a blessing too. It has sort of shaped me in so many areas, some of which I am about to share with you. So, if you are like some of us; self-professed big vision carriers, this is a book you really need to lay your hands on.

It is so amazing how we take some things for granted. We sometimes, ignorantly, trample on other people's successes not knowing the challenges they faced to realise such a dream.

When I think of the agony, the sacrifice, and the persecution Paul and Janice went through, I feel I have done nothing for God. I feel I have been unfair to my Creator. I have also developed great respect for TBN. I had respect quite alright,but not at the level where I am now.

Here are a few of the many lessons I have learnt:

(1) Do not make a big decision in life without Prayer. Yes, do not make a decision whatsoever concerning big things without heaven's backing. Many have ended up being confused, frustrated and discouraged because they, at one time or the other, did not involve God in their affairs.

When we pray, God tells us which way we must go, He warns us if there is any danger ahead of us. He also connects us to people who will contribute to the realisation and success of our vision.

Many have been swindled, conned, and left in the cold because of blindly getting into partnerships with unsuspecting vipers. Along the way, you will need a shoulder to lean on. You will need direction,comfort, and encouragement. No one else but God will be there for you. Not even your wife sometimes!

(2)Your vision is yours alone, have a final say.
Each one of us comes loaded on earth with purpose and potential, but God brings people in our lives and He uses them as midwives to help us give birth to that which God has put inside of us.

Equally when your business or whatever you are doing begins to grow, all sorts of people will join you. Some will be good people, but as usual, wherever you find real money, you will find some fake notes too.

So even people with selfish motives will come. Some will even want to twist your vision. They would want to marsh it with their own. If you decide to take some steps which would seem unwise to them, they will oppose you.

Now remember, God did not give them the vision. He gave it to you. As much as possible, be bold enough to to lead the way. If Paul Crouch subscribed to the demands of some the board members then to have only one TV station, we would not have been watching TBN today.

Paul Crouch had a vision to reach the whole world with the gospel, but some board members at that time had a vision of having one station to reach out to a small radius in America!

(3)Mind who you marry.
Some people are good at destroying other people's visions. Who are you getting married to? How far you can go in life is determined by the person you will marry or get married to.

Most often, our spouses are the number one pull-me-downs. The Bible says that two are better than one. Meaning that we can do much more if we combine our forces.

You do not necessarily need to share the same vision, values, beliefs etc for you to succeed. No, I believe differences in marriage brings diversity, which in turn gives birth to growth and great many opportunities in life.

Therefore, appreciate and complement each other's visions. What this means is that I must embrace my wife's vision and vice versa. Her vision becomes mine and mine hers. We become custodians of each others visions. I must commit myself to prayer and see to it that my spouse's vision becomes a reality.

I get scared whenever Ii hear that a husband is restraining the wife from working or doing business.I think of the consequences of these action. What if you die today? how would she survive with the children?

Unfortunately this is what is happening today.
I also wonder where TBN would have been without the prayers and timely encouragements by the wife, Janice Crouch. What would have happened if she decided to run away from the husband in those turbulent times? Wives, we need your prayers and comfort, not nags and blame games when things go sour.

(4)Let your Vision be part of your children.
Many times in Africa,things begin to fall apart when the vision carrier dies. Many of us do not start from an early age to teach our children how to handle wealth let alone training them to take over. We must bear in mind that we will not be here forever.

One day we will be gone forever,and that day might be today, so we must deposit the vision into our children. I am not implying that we should choose what they should do in future or force them to be who we want them to be.

But let us share our vision with our children.Let us involve them.let them see the passion in what we are doing and lastly, let them know the importance of continuity so that they may be able to carry the vision even when we are long gone to be with the Father in heaven.

So, instead of them starting and struggling all by themselves,they will have somewhere to start from and their choice of study will add value to the already existing vision.


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