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Are You Living the Dream?
May 27, 2008
Hello,. Are you...

Living the Dream

"Living the Dream" is the new name for this ezine, formerly called "The Dreamer's Guide." The name change is right in tune with the intention of the ezine - to help you in living YOUR dream, whatever that might happen to be.

The look has changed and there are a number of new sections as you will find below that are more focused on being of utmost use and impact in your life. Practicality is the catch-word here.

Thank you for your patience and your valued contribution to this ezine. It is great that you are a part of this community as we go on this journey of success.

Remember always to live the dream.

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Tried and Tested Tips
That's right - you won't find theories here, just simple practical tips to help you achieve more and be more, for yourself and for others:

Treat everyone you meet like the most important person on Earth.
I learnt this valuable lesson from Earl Nightingale and it is very true because as far as everyone else is concerned they are the most valuable person on Earth.

Try it for just a day and see the difference it makes to your relationships. Take interest in others. Ask them about themselves, their life, their family, what they like and so on. Keep the conversation focused on them and not on yourself. You will see their faces and eyes light up. What's more, they will genuinely like you - because you liked them first and showed that ineterest.

Try it now on the next person you talk to. I guarantee you it will change everything.

Dr. Mo's Quotes
Here are some power-packed quotes from some of the articles I have written:

"The battle is not won or lost based on circumstances or fate. The battle is won or lost in the mind."

"Analysing all the times when I have experienced outstanding results in any endeavour the one thing that stands out is that there was a certainty of success. It is a certainty that is totally oblivious to failure. It is a certainty that knows that difficulties and setbacks may come, but the ultimate end is victory and nothing else."

"You need to be certain of the fact that success is as attainable for you as it is for any man."

Newspaper Articles
, have you missed some newspaper articles or simply want to refer to past articles? You can find past articles archived here and more articles here for you to read at your own convenience.

The beauty and power of sharing
Every person has something great to teach others. Join me in reaching out to others and be a bigger part of this great community of achievers.

Share your wisdom and experience.

Eric K. Mwenda gives some valuable advice to the farming community with Developing a winning attitude.

Worldwide Baseball Prospects have some words of encouragement to up and coming sports stars as they say "Man, I'm tired, what's it going to take to be successful?"

Harvard Chinyemba continues to contribute wonderful articles and this time talks about Our childre, our future

Pennias simply says "It can happen to you also," which is extremely true - success is your too.

Ophelia shares her Reason for living.

Lesego Mphaga has a big vision to help orphans and herself.

"Anonymous" talks about her son and what she wants out of life in "Secure."

Herman Mkandawire shows great enthusiasm for the site when he says "Man, your site rocks..."

Thomas Zulu agrees and simply wnat to convey his gratitude.

Thank you all for your wonderful contributions and encouragement. All the best in living your dreams.

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