It Can Happen To You Also

by Pennias

It’s indeed amazing that most stories that tell success beat the odds in life. A unique blend of attributes bordered on determination, perseverance and will power form the backbone of these stories. To beat the odds in life requires true focus, vision and charisma to overcome the obstacles that are unalterable to the gift of life.

Am 25 years old and very convinced that there is a lot life has to offer than mere bitterness, disappointment and hardship. Having had lost both parents at the age of 16, I had no option but to accept the predicament in which I was placed.

With the responsibility of caring for a Granny and a young sister who had Epilepsy, life took a different twist as I was challenged to finish my education and earn ends meet without sound income.

With a positive outlook towards life coupled with the Grace of God, I was able to finish my studies with excellent results. As a matter of fact, I was the Head Boy at my School (Kabulonga Boys) in the final year (2001).

The struggle continued but, I did not give up. It's amazing how God can open doors when you least expect him to. At the age of 21, I had bought my first house in Lusaka’s Kabwata Estates. At 23, I bought my first car, a Pajero Jnr.

Today, at 25, I have worked for over 5 local and International Organizations with my current assignment being in the United Nations. I plan to finish my year with a joyful marriage and plan for my own family life.

There is no telling to what God can do in one’s life if they maintain focus and trust in him for provision and care. The only ingredients one needs are confidence and trust in what they believe is right.

My story has just began, the best is yet to come. Achievement and goal attainment is not only limited to the privileged, but it is a unique gift for the focused, regardless of where God has placed them.

Happy Holidays


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