Man I’m tired, what’s it going to take to be successful?

Worldwide Baseball Prospects

Worldwide Baseball Prospects

By Worldwide Baseball Prospects

Think back to the day you started playing baseball. How did you feel when you were in this element? What was it about that time that you enjoyed so much?
Right now, I want you to stop reading for a moment......close your eyes and get a good visual of yourself back then.

Remember the sights and sounds, the smells and how you felt when you put on that uniform for the first time. You were a part of a team.
Try and remember the lessons you learned and the coaches you had, your parents in the stands cheering you on. Do you remember any great plays?
Go for it, close your eyes and remember.

For some of you it may be 10 year since the moment you stepped up to the plate for the first time, with that over sized helmet drooping over you eyes, lugging the big aluminum bat up to the plate. It took courage to just swing. Some of you took that first ground ball through the legs, and then like a swarm of bees your teammates wrestled you for it.

But back then you were in tee ball, maybe around 5, 6 or 7 years old, just happy to be a part of something.

Baseball was pure.

Over the last ten or so years, you probably have made a lot of errors, on the other hand, those errors were merely disguised as lessons.

Guess what, you are still playing and still trying to get better at this game you love from all the lessons that come your way. There will be many more, embrace them and find the good in them.

The key is to try and learn to recognize a lesson when it presents itself. The question becomes are you learning.

That is life in a nutshell.

Could this mean, in your truest form from the bottom of your heart, you are passionate about baseball?

If you answered, yes, well you got it.

Passion is the compass that will lead you to success.
“The errors are just disguised as lessons.”

Now ask your self this?
1) Are you better than you were ten years ago? Yes
2) Are you mentally more mature? Yes
3) Do you process and take in information quicker? Yes
4) Are you more independent than when you where 6 years old. I hope so
5) Do you have a goal? Yes, College Baseball

Well don’t stop believing in your passion. Learn and keep going.

The word passion to me personally means, to love or desire something so much that you are willing to put it all on the line to make it happen.
You are willing to acquire the specific knowledge you need to aid in its direction. You are willing to learn either by communication, action or mistake.

You think about this “something you have passion for” and it consumes your thoughts. It works when you sleep (sub-consciously) and when you are awake (consciously). You live your life around it, your every move is about how something will aid in its development and growth. When you wake up in the morning, it is the first thing you think about, and it’s the last thing on your mind when you go to sleep.

There are no “WHAT IF’S” in you thoughts, only definite “I WILLS”
There are no “I CAN’TS” if you make an error, only “LETS DO IT AGAINS”
“With every little step forward, inch by inch you will get there!”

You have a desire to play baseball after high school. This in itself would be considered a success to most. You are not most, you are you! Define it and stick to your passion. In fact, success goes to those who have the will to keep trying day in and day out.

You see, being successful is an individual’s personal perception.

“The question is what are you going to do about putting your passion into real live action?”

Go for it!

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Jul 01, 2008
Passion for Success
by: Moses

Nowhere is passion for what you do more important than in sports.

I beleive those that really win at sport are those that really have a passion for and enjoy what they are doing. The "love of the game" is what is important. Success is then a natural consequence.

I beleive that is how it is with life in general: If we do what we are passionate about we are more likely to succeed.

Thanks for the great advice.

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