A Wealthy Bussiness Woman and to to Build an Orphanage

by Lesego Mphaga
(South Africa)

To upgrade my family's current situation. To instill a sense of possibility in the minds of other upcoming youngsters in my neighbourhood.

Also to be independent, to grow and become MORE! I want to be able to look back when I'm old and feel content, feel that I have achieved my purpose.

I've always wanted to build an orphanage for all the children in the streets, where they will be pruned, armed and motivated to be anything they want to be. A place of love and warmth.

I'm a believer, despite my humble beginnings I know that I'm destined for GREAT things all I need to do is WORK HARD and keep believing because to me , not even the sky is the limit, my mind is the limit. I can go as high as I think.

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