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You Still Have a Chance
July 25, 2009

You Still Have a Chance to Win

This is just a quick reminder that the competition closes in a few days time, at the end of July 2009. Sometimes we all get very busy and keep putting off doing something for one reason or another. I thought you might be in such a situation so just wanted to send you this little reminder and encourage you to do it now.

You still have a chance to win these great prizes, so why not enter your article?

Enter "The Greatest Motivational Speaker" Competition?

With just over two weeks to go before the closing date, don't miss out on your chance to wimm great prizes in this competition. There are two massive prizes to be won:

1. A full standard coaching package of 10 coaching sessions with me (in person, over the phone or over the internet)?
2. Your own successful internet business (which you can get and run anywhere in the world)?

Plus there are plenty of consolation prizes.

Find out more and enter the competition here.

Closing date for entries is July 31st 2009.

The Submissions keep coming in where is yours?:

I Salute My Father by Tamara Lukonde

The Butterfly by Sylvia Malilwe

Activate Your Inner Refuse Bin by Daisy Mukuni

I Can't by Sylvia Malilwe

The Fight for Congruency by Christopher Kabamba

Sarcasm by Sylvia Malilwe

Forget It All by Kingsley

The Secret to Life, Success, Failure and Everything Else by Christopher Kabamba

The One Thing That Keeps You Waiting by Christopher Kabamba

Our Time is Now by Kingsley Kaluba

Be Bold and Speak the Words by Tamara Lukonde

Be Tribute to an Unrewarded Genius by Christopher Kabamba

Activate Your Inner Refuse Bin by Daisy Mukuni

The Past Age by Edson M. Chilala

An Indelible Inspiration by Edson M. Chilala

What Are The Preponderances Of Your Mind? by Edson M. Chilala

Stand Up!! Be Counted. by Philip Bwalya

Mind, the common denominator by Christopher Kabamba

Lessons From the Way a Radio Works by Christopher Kabamba

God Will Take Us Through What We struggle Through Till We Get The Lesson by Mukuka

Life is a mirror, Everything is Feedback by Christopher Kabamba

See No Future For the Young by Kingsley Kaluba

All We Need Is Love in This World by Kingsley Kaluba

Can't Thank You Enough by Inutu Siyunyi

These make great reading and there are lots of valuable lessons to be gotten.

So what are you waiting for? Submit your entry here.

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