Can't Thank You Enough

by Inutu Siyunyi
(Lusaka, Zambia)

Hi everyone,wow its such a lovely night.I'm so ecstatic,I'm almost lost for words even though speaking is actually one of my proffessions. There's just something about tonight that feels like a first time.

Well first I want to thank the almighty, not only for tonight but also for everything he's done for me throughout my life. After all, he's the reason for my existence and the existence of all the people who've brought postive aspects to my life. I cant thank you enough dear Lord.

I also want to thank a very special person who's always been in my life from the very first day, she's my pillar,my everything. She brought me up to have courage and faith. I always want to make her proud. I love you Mum and I cant thank you enough.

This might sound like a cliche, but from as way back as primary school I always fantasised about addressing crowds. So I used to address my mum's flowers pretending they were people, Mum used to scold me about it and she thought I was crazy, but I guess its finally clicked today that I was crazy for a good cause.

I also want to forward a very special thanks to two people I really look upto who helped make my dream a reality by their words and actions. Dr Moses Simuyemba I always looked forward to those Monday articles.

When I felt down in the dumps like I couldn't go on, your wise words motivated me to keep trying. My personal favourite quote by you is "if your mind can accept that something is achieveable, it will find a way to attain it."

There's just something about it that always triggers me to thirst for achievement badly till I quench it. That actually reminds me of another personal favourite quote by one of my favourite actors Ashton Kutcher he said "good things don't come to people who wait, good things come to people who can hardly sit down because they want something."

The second person person is sir Richard Branson.I honour him highly for achieving things in a way that most people are scared of. His actions have dared me to be different when most people told me to give up and I felt like I couln't do it, I heard his words JUST DO IT ringing in my mind and it got me right back on track.Thanks alot again I really honour you, I can't thankyou enough.

Finally my special thanks especially goes to the people who given a meaning to my work, the people who have been motivated by my words.You are the reason I'm up here tonight. Thank you so much.

I'm praying to God: give me the wisdom to continue motivating you and I would love to dedicate this special night to you.

Thank you.

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