Lessons From the Way a Radio Works

by Christopher Kabamba
(Lusaka, Zambia)

Everything is really up to me

Everything is really up to me

Every now and then, I meet intelligent people curious about life and really wanting to know the nature of things and the inner workings of life.

What makes one man rich and the other poor, they ask? Is there anything that we can use to explain our life circumstances and why we experience them? Do we truly attract the circumstances of our lives? Are we responsible for what we become in life? Is the poor and lonely man responsible for his poverty and loneliness?

More importantly, does the responsibility of getting out of poverty and loneliness lay on him? Do some people just have good luck? Is their such as thing as bad luck?

I don’t claim to know all the answers. I don’t even want to claim to know some answers. Having said that, I wish to share with you something I want you to consider. Maybe it can help you to arrive at your own answer; Just maybe.

In sharing this, I want to draw your attention to a gadget that should be familiar to you. This is something that you probably have in your home, a Radio. Yes, I want to use the concept of a radio to help us explain tough questions about life. In fact this concept can potentially help us explain just about everything else.

We are taught through the Word of God that “All creation reveals the Glory of God”. This means that God's creation reveals his magnificence, His splendor. This is true for all creation.

From grain of sand on the sea shore to the fiercest beast in the jungles of the Amazon and all human beings that have ever walked the face of the earth; including you - all reveal the glory of God.

This is the reason why Jesus Christ, when he walked the face of the earth used natural things to explain the super-natural workings of God. He used parables – earthly stories with a heavenly message. It was on the principle that you can use any of God’s creations to learn something about God. God’s creation reveals God (God’s Glory).

What is also true is the face that we can learn something about life and ourselves by using anything that we can see in creation; even man's own inventions. Everything carries God's wisdom, even the radio. So what can we learn from the radio?

A radio, as a domestic gadget receives (radio) signals from the atmosphere. Through an inbuilt mechanism, those signals are ultimately transformed into sound which is audible to the ear. Through this mechanism we are able to pick a presidential address from millions of miles away, we are able to listen to music being transmitted by our favorite radio station and we are updated on the world’s current affairs by way of News channels picked by your radio.

Signals are transmitted into the atmosphere by radio stations at certain frequencies and must be picked or received by your radio at specific frequencies. So to catch your favorite radio channel you must tune your radio to the required frequency.

If you do not tune to the required frequency you most probably won’t be able to listen to your favorite program no matter how much you want to listen to it. It is as simple and straight forward as that.

The human being works more or less the same way. You are like a radio. In fact you are a combination of a radio and a radio station. Whatever it is you feel and experience is something you have tuned to. You get exactly what you “tune” yourself to.

Whether it is something you want or not, is not a consideration. For as long as you tune yourself to those things you will surely get them. Therefore all the circumstances of your life are things that vibrate at frequencies within the range which your essential self are tuned to.

This should be very clear to you if you are to take charge of your life. That is why there is a heavy responsibility on you. Your circumstances mirror the frequency you are tuned to. It is therefore within your God given power to change the frequency you are tuned to if you don’t like what you are getting at that frequency.

Obviously, it is not as simple as it sounds. It requires growth and self mastery. It requires you being awakened to your God given authority as the crown of his marvelous creation. Be alive to the knowledge of your Creator and his Law.

Not even the sky is your limit. You can begin today to work on your-self. The only blessing you can truly give the world and all humanity is by making the most of yourself. You do that by filling the place you currently occupy.

Take heart in the face of negative circumstance. Fret not. Instead use it to grow and learn something about yourself. Seek knowledge. “In all your getting, get understanding”.

Only then, will you master your life. Only then will you master the circumstances of your life. Only then will you begin to live the life that is truly yours. As it is written in the Book I love so much “no eye has see and no mind can conceive the things that are prepared for them that love God.”

May God bless your effort as you strive to love, learn and live the life that reveals His glory.

Thank you.

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