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You Can Be Happy
June 24, 2008

You Can Be Happy

“To become a happy person have a clean soul, eyes that see romance in the commonplace, a child’s heart and spiritual simplicity.”
Norman Vincent Peale

Who or what decides whether you are happy or not? Some think that when they have more wealth they will be happy, others when they get a job, others when they start their own business, others when they get married and so on.

All these things have one thing in common – “when.” When never comes.

The secret to real happiness is to be happy right here and right now. Life is a journey and we must always be careful to enjoy the journey and not think that when we reach the destination is when life starts.

Every day you can make a choice to be happy. You can decide when you get up in the morning to make each day a happy day no matter what comes along.

Happiness a mindset and you must make up your mind to be happy.

It is a way of thinking and looking at things that accepts the ups and downs in life and recognises that no matter what happens we control how we react and how we feel about things.

I like a song, I think it’s by the group The Sound of Bread, that has in the chorus “Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you.”

You can create your own sunny weather around you no matter how grey and rainy the world around is.

Decide to be happy and enjoy life’s journey every day.

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Tried and Tested Tips
That's right - you won't find theories here, just simple practical tips to help you achieve more and be more, for yourself and for others:

If you want more money, be of greater service
Money is the harvest we reap for the benefits we give to others. The amount of money we earn over a period of time is usually in proportion to the amount of value we add to our organisation or to other people.

Rather than make having more money as an objective in life you should instead think about how you can be of greater service to a larger number of people,

both before and after you make the money.

Money is a result or consequence of the value we add to other people's lives. Earl Nightingale advises that the amount of money you earn will be in proportion to:
- the demand for what you do
- your ability to do what you do and
- how difficult it would be to replace you.

So become someone who serves an area in which there is great demand, be very good at what you do and therefore very hard to replace and it will all add up to more income for you.

Be of greater service in order to reap a greater harvest.

Dr. Mo's Quotes
Here are some power-packed quotes from some of the articles I have written:

“Remember that the only place where the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, is in mathematics. In real life the shortest distance is often a zigzag and twisted line. Make goals, but be flexible and don’t be handicapped by them.”

“There is a time for planning and there is a time for doing. One without the other is a waste of your time and energy.”

“Always challenge the norm and seek out the answers for yourself. Follow no one blindly. Do nothing without first seeking to understand why. Always keep an open mind.”

Newspaper Articles
, have you missed some newspaper articles or simply want to refer to past articles? You can find past articles archived here and more articles here for you to read at your own convenience.

The beauty and power of sharing
Every person has something great to teach others. Join me in reaching out to others and be a bigger part of this great community of achievers.

Share your wisdom and experience.

Wiseman Zulu shares his wisdom when he talks about the importance of stepping out on our faith in a two part article Dead Faith. You can read the second part of this wonderful article here.

Eric K. Mwenda is one of the regular writers to Motivation for Dreamers and this time around says winners are Born in the Mind. I totally agree Eric: "Our thoughts are the architects of our destiny."

David has some very encouraging words for those that may be going through difficulties and urges you to find strength through difficulties.

Tshepo Mashishi shares a beautiful poem on the importance of having limitless inner vision. It's beautiful Tshepo and so true.

Percy Mwale has some valuable lessons from a baby that he has learnt. It's a great story about his son Mpoyaluna and what he has taught Percy about life.

Thank you all for your wonderful contributions and encouragement. All the best in living your dreams.

If you submitted an article or story and I have forgotten to mention it, please send me a quick reminder and I will be sure to include it in the next mailout.

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