Strength Through Difficulties

by David

I have learnt one thing in this life through my own experiences: that it's not always that we get what we actually deserve. I have seen most times a man putting in everything that he has to make it through life but somewhere somehow things just fall out of place and before you realise you are looking for strength to carry on.

The beauty is that once you get out of the situation believe me you will be a step stronger than you were before that and what is more important is to realise that sometimes God wants to move us to the next level but he won't do it in our present capacity or position.

I learnt through one truly bitter experience that sometimes we pray and ask for things and God answers with his own conditions that will fit our new position so he wants to prepare us for the new life.

Most times we fight this change even when the signs are clear that we shouldnt be where we are, either because of the pain caused or the effort put in. I have learnt that in such times we need to talk to people who are senior to us and ask God for his will. In most instances if it's Gods will it works to our betterment.

Allow me to use one of Kirk Franklin's songs in the Nu Nation Project intitled "THER IS A BLESSING IN THE STORM." Our duty at the time of the storm is to ask God to help us see the blessing in the storm.

If there is anyone right now who is discouraged or going through a hard time in your pursuit of living the dream, just remember that you are not alone and that there is a blessing in the storm.


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