Dead Faith

by Wiseman Zulu
(Lusaka, Zambia, Central Africa)


What you could have been or what you are to be; what is your current life situation? You would say: I almost did it, but... you know what? I could have been the one holding the position of managing director, president of a multinational company. By the way do you know I could have been Pastoring the largest church in town? That could have been my house. Most of the statements above characterize the lives of many people claiming to have faith in God and seeking success.

You may have believed in your ability to work on a project to its completion and were so sure of it being a success, but what happened on the way? You are sure that you follow the principles of your academic qualifications and the pure teachings of the Bible on life and faith in God.

The Bible's assurance of spiritual and material blessings that come with it are very clear in your mind and entire being. What went wrong with your faith and focus of your goals and desires even for the project you are currently working on? You may be blaming situations in the past.

The past must be left alone to be gone. You must everyday that passes by look forward and cast your eyes on what you can do not what you could have done, because you have no power over past, but you have an opportunity to control the present and a great platform to plan for the future. However, "remember the Lord your God for it is Him that gives you power to earn wealth."

The time I started understanding the concept of faith and living for others in my life, I realized that what I did not achieve in my past endeavors is not an issue. The disquiet for me in life is what I can pull off by the grace of God in spite of my current or past failures. After all I now know that whatever looks like a failure is a problem if I allow myself to think so.

The point of you receiving your blessings by faith and all you desire to be is an issue that should be quickly settled in your mind. The human mind has power to achieve whatever it can conceive "so a man is as he thinks." Whatever you plan to be or achieve in life you can, only when starting today you willingly plainly put your past failures and fears of trying again, even doing the same project over and over again until you succeed with full contentment of heart and soul.

Switch your mind from dwelling on the people and things that hinder you from progress, focus on the things that you desire and you will see all things that hinder you as stepping stones to your desired success. Forget what you could have been, had people not disturbed your projects, focus your life in the future and forget about what you could have been if you we born from wealthy parents. Think and plan what you "Can be".

"I could...If my parents were alive they could have supported me;"
"I could...If I had money, I would have set in action my project;"
"I could...If the pastor could pray for me, I will grow in my Christianity;"
"I could...If only I can find trustworthy people to work with,"
"I could...If I could find some sponsorship, financially, or whatever, I can be wealthy."

These and many more are ways in which most people approach life. Because their faith is based on "IF" and they do not take action to move into the territory of abundance, they continue to lack the things they desire. In the Bible the woman with an issue of blood suffered for 12 years and tried all she could to attain a healthy status. She purposed in her heart to touch the helm of the garment of Jesus: "If only I..." and she moved through the crowed till she touched Jesus. When she put her faith into action, she received the healing she had sought for many years. She believed that what she thought can become reality. She had what I call LIVE FAITH. Faith coupled with action is live faith while faith without action is dead faith.

Working for more than nine years as a media consultant and so far four years working tirelessly as an evangelist I note that there are actually a lot of people, some even carry a "Christian" title that have "dead faith." Dead faith is faith that makes people believe in a 50/50 outcome of situations. Ruben Muyunda my district pastor of Seventh Day Adventist Church, Lusaka Central Mission District calls this "putting your fingers crossed." Not being sure of what you to expect from your prayer. With live faith you are sure of the turn of events because God knows the future from the beginning.

I have been asked several times to define faith. None of my definitions or those of the wisest people on earth can surpass that of the Apostle Paul. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Apostle says; "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen."

The Bible affirms that faith without work is dead. If you believe that your project concept is so great and workable to set you to the height of wealth, the first question that comes to mind is; what is stopping you from getting on the road to wealth?

If you believe that prayer and Bible study will enrich your spiritual life; why can't you seize the opportunity to study and pray today? Go and situate your dreams into a spot of reality by putting your faith into works, for faith without works is DEAD.

I have had encounters with people who say repeatedly with their minds locked believing that they cannot start a project because there are no trustworthy people in this world to work with. Others, with a smiling face, boldly say that they can not become Christians because they have seen some "Christians" doing evil things.

I have told many and still do tell such beloved brothers and sisters never to base their faith on the Christianity of man, but always to focus on Jesus Christ. Only God and again I say God alone has never, will never and does not disappoint those that seek Him diligently in all matters of spiritual and material wealth.

The fact that you have not found a trustworthy person to work with does not mean that the world is empty of dependable people. In fact, if you critically analyze such negative statements, when you have such attitude in life, you are simply boasting to be the only honest person.

You may say that you have stretched to the limits of your abilities in seeking for a marriage, business and or spiritual partner. God knows your partner in business; marriage; spiritual life; and He is your eternal life associate. Trust God and have "live faith", work and walk with God all the days of your life, as you walk and work with fellow human beings.

I thank God for bringing in my life a precious woman, Precious my wife. Precious and I are busy working for the Lord in many aspects. Notably, she is a brilliant and inspiring Gospel singer. I preach during crusades and regular Sabbath worship and special programmes in various Seventh Day Adventist churches and other Pentecostal congregations.

Being married to her for over 9 years now, we have had and have difficulties, but have learnt how to take everything to God in prayer and work with Him in every assignment. We also have magnificent children Jordan-Limbikani, Wiseman-Nchimunya and Maggie-Tamara the only girl. These people are day by day becoming our great and cherished co-workers worthy of our trust.

My fellow church elders, evangelists and my district pastor, brothers and sisters at church, place of work, neighbours, and family-members in-laws are also my colleagues worthy of my trust most often sweet to work with by God's grace.

There are many people you can work with in this world. All you need is to develop your mind to have a unique ability of scrutinize people's mentality by watching their temperaments. You do well to work with others in any venture be it developing your spiritual life or building your business on your way from faith to action.

President Abraham Lincoln, needs very little or no introduction in scanning attitudes of people towards work through their facial expressions. In "The Success Journey" a wonderful, very inspiring and life changing book, the author, John C. Maxwell, included in it a scenario about Lincoln and his adviser. The story makes me laugh every time I think about it.

"An adviser to Lincoln recommended a particular person for a cabinet position, but Lincoln balked at the suggestion. He said, "I don't like the man's face." His adviser said, "But sir, he can not be held responsible for his face."

But Lincoln replied, "Every man over forty (40 years) is responsible for his face." I found this to be funny, but then exigent as well. I learnt that my mind and altitude towards life clearly shows up on my facial expressions, regardless of age. For a happy baby we know it by its smiles.

People see on your face exactly what you see yourself in your mind. If your mind sees you as a loser in life, people will see a loser looking at them to their surprise telling them he can win.

People will see you scared saying to them lets go to war. Do not get shocked if no one follows you. Have live faith in God, be courageous, and win the battles of life first in your mind before you go to fight. Be trustworthy to yourself before you go looking for a person to trust. When you trust in God and your abilities, you will never hesitate to put your faith into action.

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