Dead Faith-Part 2

by Wiseman Zulu
(Lusaka, Zambia)

Are you tired of looking for a spiritual, marriage and or business partner? If things are not working alright because you do not have a reliable partner, or spouse, like I always say; even during my preaching, Bible study presentations and concealing sessions. As you read on “Day One” Blame yourself for what you don't have. Why? You can do all things through Christ and all of God's promises are yes when you candidly and dependably ask God in fervent prayer and devotedly do your human part while the Almighty God does His divine element.

You have the power within you to choose whom to partner with in all facets of life. However, your unchanging partnership with Christ is the only sure company that can safely connect you to the right, best and honest partner equal for the development of your life and those around you. Faith, "live faith" in God, is very pivotal in finding people to work with in acquiring spiritual and or material wealth. Going by the Apostle Paul's account of faith in Hebrews 11, we have what we hope for in our possession because we have evidence of the things we cannot see. Sounds crazy?

A close friend and fellow evangelist, Mitesh Patel says; "Christianity, especially ("live faith") does not know the boarders of logic and academic laws." Because a person with faith can speak to a tree and it will listens to him. Read the Bible in the book of Mark chapter 11.

I remember one afternoon; Patel rang me on my mobile phone and asked me to meet with him at his flat so that we could pray. Patel and I have prayed for sick, demon possessed; and jobless people; God in His divine power and mercy, the results have been miraculous. This time it was a prayer for a Home Theatre System which was advertised in the Game stores weekly brochure.

We cut out from the paper a particular picture of the equipment that Patel desired to have, laid hands on the piece of paper and took turns to pray. Then we thanked God for the unseen blessing worth 1.5 million Zambian kwacha and believed that it shall be as we prayed and waited for the will of God to prevail.

Amen! Soon after praying, we walked to the Game stores at Manda Hill shopping complex, we took a closer look at the machine and asked the shop attendant to test it for us. "We are coming to buy it", Patel told the gentleman that attended to us.

Lo! and behold, the following day when I telephoned Patel to meet with him, he was in town to meet with a fellow church member whom God reviewed to him in a vision that would buy the equipment for him. The very day he told that church member about it, they both went to the store and by midday, Patel had in his house a Home Theatre playing gospel music. There are many testimonies of prayer answered, but none-lacked live faith. Faith goes with action. "You can get it if you really want, but must try," are words of a popular song. Above this you should develop your faith to a position of telling yourselves repeatedly:

“I can walk on water because God says I can do all things through His power;”
"I can speak to nature and nature will listen to me because it did listen to my saviour Jesus Christ;”
“I have more than my heart's desire because God is the supplier of all my needs;”
“I know the God who created me in His image and saved me from eternal death in sin through His Son Jesus Christ, will never leave me to walk alone in my challenges and needs;”
“I know food; shelter and clothing are always added to me for seeking God's kingdom first;”
“I believe my heavenly father has in store for me more than I need.”

Faith that works is obtained by humbleness and total trust in God. Living for others as Jesus lived for us is also cardinal in receiving all your blessings, developing faith that moves mountains, faith that will move the heart of God to act on our behalf all the days of our life requires endurance. As human beings we suffer many troubles and lack in faith and wealth, and have no clout of our own to make it through to abundance. To be wealth in live faith, the faith that works, make the following words of a Hymn your prayer, ¡§Father I stretch my hands to You, no other help I know. If You withdraw Yourself from me, where else will I go?”

Some people have great business and spiritual growth concepts and dreams in life. Big ideas for wealth creation that if implemented would change not only their lives for the better, but many others too. Only Heaven knows how many lives can be blessed through the works of your hands. Someone once said "if you want best ideas to develop the world; be it spiritual or business wise, you can find them at grave yards among the dead," (emphasis mine). People die with great venture concepts and unsaid words of love and encouragement to others.

To achieve your dreams, you do not need an enormous amount of faith, giant faith; you only require putting into action that small, mustard seed size faith. Very small seed like faith is what is needed for you to move big mountains of life challenges and bless the world starting with people around you.

Step out in live faith, set yourself in motion and see how swiftly God will come to support you. He is your life Superior that is always waiting for you to take a step of faith towards Him. Step out of the boat and break all logic, physics and other setbacks in life. Walk on water like Peter did because Jesus told him, to do it. Catch a lot of fish where you have not done so the whole night. "Whatever, He tells you to do, do it," Jesus' mother told the hosts at the wedding at Cana. When they did what He said, wholesome unfermented fruit wine was made out of ordinary water. It is not magic. It is the power of God Almighty, to which you and I have a share to use. All promises are yes in God. Go ahead; look mad in your peers’ sight but normal in the eyes of your Creator.
Have faith in God and act according to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and diligently obeying the commands of the Master of the entire universe. You are not alone, many have taken this path before, and hundreds still do, and have proved to unbelievers that faith unlocks tightly locked doors, faith moves mountains, and faith pleases God, for ¡§without faith, it is impossible to please God¡¨.

To have faith is to be Courageous, and to lack faith is to be the exact opposite of the underlined word. Things that were once deemed impossible in this world are today acclaimed worldwide because people that conceived the ideas had living faith, believing that “with God all things are possible.” Yes, possible, but only to those who believe. Have determination and zeal. Focus on the main point of goal and don¡¦t be a coward.

When you think success, opposition is the order of the day and opposition should be taken as part of the path to success. When you are focused and ready to go, you are sure to achieve the greatest things in the world. Even when faced resistance, often from close friends, family members, spouse and or experts in respectable fields; act according to plan and faith in the God of heaven. To come out victorious in every battle of life, you should never look at what you would have been had things worked out your way. Pick yourself up from what things are and focus on what you can be from now regardless of all odds, missed opportunities or the negative environment that life brings you into.

To use faith in achieving your goals against all storms of life, talk to people about your ideas. More importantly share your aspirations and plans with the ever listening Friend and Brother- Jesus Christ. The Bible in the book of Proverbs says; ¡§Plans we can make, but its God that makes them prevail¡¨. Trust and surrender your entire strategies and desires in God's hands for perfect execution and assured success.

You can be what you longing by letting go all fears and backward thoughts of what you could have been. In most of Pastor John C. Maxwell's writings about failure, he refers to such attitudes in life as "living life backwards." Start living life forward by implementing "living faith." Faith based more on deeds than it speaks. Visualizes and acts on what the mind imagines. Have hope, look forward to the prize ahead and turn a blind eye to the negative statements form people and situations your community may lash on you. You need to intensely fathom that you are not an opinion of any man on earth. You are a child of God created in His image. According to one of David¡¦s Psalms in the Bible; we are ¡§Fearfully and wonderfully made¡¨. Believe that you belong to Him by creation and redemption and that you are His child through father-Abram.

Bring life to your faith by adding action to what you believe. God is waiting for you to step out in faith, doing your human part of everything you expect Him to do for you divinely. Remember ¡§FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD¡¨. Go and put your faith into action for it to be “ALIVE”. God has wonderful plans for you. Jeremiah 29:1

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