Valuable Lessons From a Child

by Percy Mwale

Learning can surely be an exciting experience if only you choose to see it that way.

When my son was born on 21 September 2007, I named him Mpoyaluna. A Lozi name meaning, 'Our Gift'. This is regardless of the fact that neither me nor my wife is Lozi. We don't even speak Lozi! It so happened that we saw it as an opportunity and gift to help us see life differently. And have a whole new experience.

A child has many valuable lessons that you can derive.

Among them is the simplicity with which they view life. I have seen my 8 month old son give a beautiful smile even when his nappy is in a mess. Though this must not be taken for granted because a wet or messy nappy can produce an irritated child who be deafening when they choose to cry. And of course, crying and kicking are some of the common used methods to express displeasure. The first lesson is - always smile, it does not cost a thing.

Tenacity in a child is another lesson. My child will cry and kick, and even scratch your face to draw your attention to themselves. This will continue until his need is met. Children are not intimidated by circumstance. They will feed, get a nappy change, sleep, etc as and when they want. This is regardless of whether you have food, a spare nappy or not. The second lesson is - you can always get want you want.

Consistency is another aspect. What a child lacks in words is made up in deeds. Children understand their inability to produce verbal expressions. This is all the reason they will repeat an action for a specific need. No wonder a good parent, especially a mother will usually know when to change a nappy, breastfeed, put the child to bed, etc. It is because over time, a child will teach us what a particular action entails. The third lesson is - a repeated action will achieve the same result.

I hope and pray that these lessons I have gotten from my child shall remain invaluable, and lifelong.

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