The Meaning of Success – Personal Views

I recently asked for views on the meaning of success from subscribers to “The Dreamer’s Guide” Motivation newsletter. These are some of the responses that I received:

Jeff Mtonga
1.0 The way I would help you answer the question of what is success will be first to define success and this is what I have gathered on the topic of success.

Success could be defined as follows:

• The fact that you have achieved what you want and have been trying to do or get over a period of time.

• The fact of becoming rich/famous or getting a high social position.

• A person or thing that has achieved a good result and has become successful.

• The opposite of failure.

2.0 Measuring success in my life.

I can begin by looking at my past achievements from primary school to secondary school through to College and now at work. It is success to graduate from one level of education to a higher one. To complete the higher level of education and start business and /or work it makes this a success story. Presently I live a moderately simple life where I feel I have achieved all that I have ever dreamed of and trying to make ends meet by engaging into part-time and full time occupations which include; farming, long distance learning formal employment and finally business.

Success to me can be measured by looking at where I am presently, have I failed in any of my endeavours? And how long has it taken me to achieve what I have.

Christopher Kabamba
For me, success means all of the following:
Good health
Healthy family and other relationships
Financial Freedom (as opposed to financial independence)
Fulfilling and meaningful spiritual life

Mweusi Karake
Success is doing what I enjoy and getting well remunerated for it.

James Musonda
Success is achieving what you wanted most this can be passing the exam, having the car you wanted; building the house you wanted etc.

Success is measure in what you have achieved in you life.

Mirriam Zulu
Well I think success is when one is content (happy) with what they have or what they do in life. If I have no complaints about how are I live my life, no worrying about tomorrow, then am successful. That's what I think success is.

Able Chabala
Success is when a person or organisations attains it goals.

Mainza Sikabanga
Success to me means achieving the objectives I set myself. It can be on anything from waking up early in the morning to getting a good lifestyle (a nice home, helpful friends etc).only if and when I achieve my objectives do I consider myself successful.

Sitali Masiliso Hi Doc. I would like to comment on the question "what is success?" Success itself means accomplishing one’s goal. But then being financially successful could mean that someone has more money saved and is free from debts. It also means to be able to budget and sticking to it. For long term financial success one needs to invest in business and be able to receive income steadily and be able to keep the business going.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the meaning of success Jeff, Christopher, Mweusi, James, Mirriam, Able, Sitali and Mainza.

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