Views on the True Meaning of Success

I recently asked for views on the true meaning of success from subscribers to “The Dreamer’s Guide” Motivation newsletter. These are some of the responses that I received:

Dennis Katongo
First I’d like to thank you for giving me an opportunity to share with all the good people that subscribe to this wonderfully and proudly Zambian site, my opinion on success.

Secondly, your showing up at my new work place and the discussion we had before I even knew who you were really motivated me to find time and sit to write today. I hope my contribution has not come in late.

Like most Zambians, I once thought of success as going all the way at school i.e. grade 1 to university, graduating with degrees, masters, PhDs etc. but after going all the way up to university (though I was only a tourist at university, I know you know what that means) and after being in the industry, that am in, for over 8 years I now have another understanding of success.

I think success is being able to do what one really loves to do and enjoys for a living. When you set a goal and achieve it that too can be classified as such. For example, I’d call someone who loves animals successful if he/she sets a goal of becoming a veterinary doctor and eventually becomes one.

Mother Teresa was a very successful woman simply because she did what she loved, helping the poor and the disadvantaged. There is also financial success and this is one of the most abused of all the successes, I think, in the world. Most people, after achieving financial success go wild and unfortunately some even forget there’s someone far much more superior than anyone of us on this earth, Almighty God.

Thanks for the opportunity.


Harvard Chinyemba
First and foremost, I would like to apologise for responding late to your question.Success to me is HAVING what you have been TRYING to achieve. The key words in this case being “having” and “trying.” It is not everything that is achieved by trying over and over again, neither do we have everything we TRY hard to have.

There are many of us who have tried so many times to do this or that but we have failed. I am reminded of a documentary I once watched on TV on how the plane was invented. The two brothers tried so many times and failed countless times, but in the end they succeeded.

In a nutshell, success is fulfilling a goal that you have set for your self/selves in any sphere of your life. It could be buying a new house, passing an exam, winning a gold medal etc.

Moses Mushita
To me, success means a lot. Success might be defined as having achieved what I want in a specific endeavour happily. It could mean anything from material to non material possessions.

However, my main area of great interest is material possession of money. I want financial riches.

Sorry for a late response to a good question.


Kalesha Njelesani
Success is the state of no-lack (financially, emotionally, physically, mentally, etc) and having the peace of mind, and most importantly being in a real and personal relationship with your creator (JEHOVAH).

Wezi Mayuni
Well in my own opinion, success is when one has reached to the highest level of one’s life, I mean having the thing that one requires. On the other hand it is when people get their lives to the things they need and can have it whenever they want.

Alex Sakala
I came from a poverty stricken background. Yesterday I went home (Jack Compound) and it touched me to see how far I have come. To be able to get out of the shanty setup go to UNZA has been a success to me. However, success to me means the day I’ll be able to take care of the huge family of mine (over 60) without feeling any financial stress then. I’ll be successful....the day that I’ll see God face to face will also count as a success....

I am sure the answers above give us some insight into the true meaning of success. Thanks Dennis, Harvard, Moses, Kalesha, Wezi and Alex for sharing your thoughts on the true meaning of success.

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If you would like to add your thoughts on the true meaning of success drop me a line.

I would be happy to include your comments on the true meaning of success to the website so others can learn from you too.

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