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What is success? That is the question I asked subscribers to “The Dreamer’s Guide” Motivation newsletter. These are some of the responses that I received:

Isaac Alex Phiri
I can not really give one specific meaning of success, but I would say success is simply:
1)reach to a place where your dreams were pointing to
2)when you get what you really wanted
3)when you triumph over your adversaries, obstacles and barriers of life.
To all the above, success can not be a when, but it has to be something within you.

Success must be born in the mind of somebody who really wants it. s/he must convince him/her self that s/he can succeed regardless of the colour, tribe, family back ground, what is important is to paint a picture of success in your mind. thanks doctor

Geoffrey Nkhoma
To me success is measured by the attainment of real joy or happiness. This joy comes about when we see that the people we love (God and family) are happy. There would be no real happiness if only us were happy.

Pleasing those we love brings the greatest joy to ourselves. It involves providing adequately for the present and future needs of the persons we care for (this would therefore include financial security to the extent that it enables us to provide for our loved ones). It involves doing things that would please them. This in my opinion would bring the greatest feeling of fulfilment.

Janett Kalale
True success is truly measured by what you have left when you go to the grave. For the living, the quest to succeed is an ongoing process for nothing in human life is ever utterly perfectly complete until nothing more can be done. This is because to me success means achieving the best results possible to my satisfaction having exploited my potential in whatever area to my considered utmost and therefore being able to move to a new area for nothing more can be done in the old.

So you see the measure of it is complicated for the things in which we measure success in can never be complete i.e. parenting, family, spiritual, education, etc. Physical feats are temporary and their success therefore easily measurable e.g. going to the moon, climbing a mountain, winning a race, passing an exam. On the other hand one can only say they have been a successfully happily married person when one or the other partner says goodbye to the union by the separation of death.

Mary Masumbuko
Success is right standing with God - He is the giver of the peace really sought by humanity.

Success is prosperity in all things and be in good health. (John 3:2)

Success is having your life under control i.e. you plan to spend time with your family - you achieve it by doing it.

Mapping out a plan for your life and then you achieve it - that is success to me.

Simon Abwino
Success=Being able to obtain what you require or want to do at a specified time.
Also means ability to meet your needs at a specified time.

To many success is measured in terms of monetary wealth. That is achieving financial independence and prosperity. But I feel that success should encompass the following areas;

*Happiness in family life and in marriage for the married people

*Having a health relationship with God almighty and confidence of eternal life

*Happiness or satisfaction in the occupation or vocation one may have.

*Rich in respect from one's friends and other relationships such as from workmates or workers as the case may be.

Therefore, I feel that financial prosperity without the aspects mentioned above does not necessarily mean one is successful.

If anything it means that one is just wealthy but one's successful life is not complete.

On the other hand, it is possible to have a successful life without being wealthy.

Brian Chilubano
Success is a hidden power placed in the human spirit. Many people struggle todaynot because God wants them to be that way. The reason is, they still have less knowledge concerning God’s purpose for them. The human spirit has all the answers to all our struggles.

What is success? I am sure the answers above give us some insight into the meaning of success. Thanks Isaac, Brian,Micky, Geoffrey, Janett, Mary, Simon and Humphrey for your responses. It is so amazing to note that what is success to one person is not necessarily success to another person.

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What is success for you? If you would like to add your thoughts to answer this question please drop me a line.

I would be happy to include your comments on the website so others can learn from you as to what is success.

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