How Do You Define Success?

I recently asked for views on how we define success in our personal lives from subscribers to “The Dreamer’s Guide” Motivation newsletter. These are some of the responses that I received:

George Kambonge
Success is getting what you want. This is the ability that an individual has to achieve an intended goal. Success is the courage that someone has to achieve something in a specified period of time.

Spiritually success is knowing the purpose why God called you on earth. Success is reaching a target up to the very end and the pleasure that one may have after saying yes I have done it. On our road to success we need to be creative and determined, we meet a lot of challenges because life is so involving and it’s not easy.

When you fall get up because I think failure is part of life and is a learning tool. Yes when you fall don't give up, don't lose the lesson and don't lose sight and focus.

Success can not be measured by the wealth/money that an individual has but in my own understanding success can be measured by the capability that an individual has to utilize the little resources and getting something out of the most overlooked day to day activities of life.

I think success is also according to what a person perceives/looks at the word itself and how a person thinks over it either positive or negative over certain things of great concern in our lives. As they say you are what you think. You don't need to have a lot of money to be successful in life but you can do what you can, with what you have, where you are, as someone said.

I would rather urge my fellow friends to know the purpose of the goal they want to achieve and ask God for the power of focus and determination and above all wisdom. For you may have wealth but you can not buy wisdom. You can have wisdom and through wisdom you can make plans to be successful and know how to go about something inclusive of how to make money.

Friends its good to be good, its from good things we do that we find something good. So be good and prudent in life. God bless you abundantly and be successful. One George.

Peter Mutenthula Banda
Success is attaining your goals. When anyone has a vision and provision, success is evitable. It is the progressive realisation of the worthwhile of ideal. It can be financial, health, academically to mention but a few.

Success is not just financial. Though people mistake it in most cases. its when you set your goals and your goals starts getting towards you and you start getting towards goals and achieve it. Then we can say success!!!!

25 years old.Dr.kazimule nickname

Thelma Muneku
Success to me is being able to be where you have always wanted to be. Like having a big business you have always dreamed of. But don’t get it wrong its not about the big things its about reaching your destiny. I think there is no measure of success for me.

William Zulu
Success is achieving a desired goal, be it financial, spiritual, emotional or physical.

It means living my highest aspirations and my loftiest ambitions. Living my dream. A fulfilled life, good friends, loving family and needless to say good finances are all aspects of success.

Success includes all aspects of life from a green and beautiful backyard garden to delicious food, or from good health to a clean spacious home. My Success also means that it should be a blessing to the sick, hungry and hopeless. I should be an inspiration in my community and a shoulder to lean on. I should alleviate the suffering of those around me...

Ultimately, success means being in a saving relationship with my saviour and Lord Jesus Christ and inherit eternal life.

Thanks to everyone above for sharing how you define success from your perspectives. I am certain lots of people will find them useful.

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If you would like to add your thoughts on how you define success in life drop me a line.

I would be happy to include your comments on how to define success in life to the website so others can learn from you too.

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