The Meaning of Success – Some Personal Perspectives

I recently asked for views on the meaning of success from subscribers to “The Dreamer’s Guide” Motivation newsletter. These are some of the responses that I received:

Miss JNC
Moses, I am glad you asked this question, as I have recently been contemplating on a similar issue. You see at the moment, I am very grateful to God for all He has done for me in my life. This year, especially, God blessed me more and more in my area of finance and career. To my friends and colleagues, they look at me and say "wow, you are successful".

However, I still felt a desire to HAVE MORE. And the desire to HAVE MORE was not for more money or another good career, nor was it a desire for a better car, clothes, home (as God has taken care of that) took a while before I could figure out that, I was not just being an ungrateful spoilt person but actually God's intention is to go beyond, what I and others think is success.

I went back to the book of Genesis and discovered that the first man, Adam, was one who can be termed as one of the richest and successful man ever lived. You see Adam, was given a high responsibility which no one has ever had on earth...which other man was given "dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth" (Gen 1:26) Or how many men do we have that have land filled with gold, onyx and rivers flowing from the east, west, south and north.

But, Adam had all this and yet he wanted to HAVE MORE. And it was not more animals or land nor gold...he needed something in addition to what he had. And then God gave him Eve.

So Moses, to me success means a number of things if I can mention a few:

Success is being able to HAVE something that can be SHARED. If you are able to share a R100 then you are successful. If you are unable share R1000 then you are unsuccessful. The ability (not desire) to share whatever you have is success.Success means having SOMEONE to share what you HAVE. What is the point in having everything to yourself and not enjoying it with anyone? This does not bring any fulfillment.

In addition to sharing what you have with someone else, it is also important that you are HAPPY with what you have and HAPPY with whom you are sharing what you have.

In summary success is to HAVE something that can be SHARED with SOMEONE and being HAPPY with what you HAVE and with whom you are sharing.

Nkumbwa Lukungu
Being able to achieve what I go for.

Like you said most of you motivational experts concentrate on finance, perhaps because that is what most people are in for, but I consider spiritual contentment as number one. As a result that is what I go for. The money will naturally flow afterwards. And it always does!!

Mutinta Mwenda
I will start by saying what success is not,
- Success is not "being wealth"
- Success is not being comfortable.

I think success has a lot to do with "how many challenges you have overcome in life". e.g. a 'Kaponya' (street vendor) who has had a lot of problems and over came them but still plods on is more successful than a person who gets everything from a silver plate and have everything they need.

And true success comes only through the fear of God. "The fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom" and it is only through wisdom should one succeed. Remember success is how much challenges you have overcome, be it social, physical, intellectually, spiritually, or financially. That’s my opinion. Thanks.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the meaning of success Miss JNC, Mutinta and Nkumbwa.

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Want to share your thoughts on the meaning of success? Have a view that differs from those expressed here on the meaning of success? I would be very happy to hear from you. Feel free to drop me a note by using the comment form. Be heard. Encourage someone today and make a difference. What is the meaning of success to you?

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