Views on Success in Life

I recently asked for views on the true meaning of success in life from subscribers to “The Dreamer’s Guide” Motivation newsletter. These are some of the responses that I received:

Suwilanji Situmbeko
That I have taken inordinately long to reply makes me contrite. It's an enough good thing that I have replied.

Success, for me, is the satisfaction I get from doing something. It is that feeling of elation that you get when your hard work is rendered substantial fruition. I measure success by the satisfaction I get from one thing. The satisfaction does not give me 100% contentment.

I could be everything in this life but complacent. When I get no satisfaction out of what I am doing, I change the approach towards it. If that fails, you critically analyse, taking everything into consideration, and make your decision.

The financial aspect of measuring success is so very much enchanting. Truth is nobody hates the financial security; Money abates half the problems man faces. Nowadays, success is the connotation of handsome bank accounts, ravishing cars, exquisite houses. We cannot marginalise the importance of one's financial status in measuring success. Not that it overrides all other aspects of life; it might just be the most important for my personal interest.

There are other aspects of life that need to be considered when analysing success. I should state that the financial aspect has for a long time now been used as the only means of measuring success. I know quite a number of wealthy men holding coveted positions and commanding great respect with crumbled marriages.

Personally, I have measured success by the splendid results I have attained all way through my educational life. They are not perfect, but they are hard-earned and remarkably astounding. This is so simply because I had no financial or emotional concerns of my own to take care of.

Know what? I would have met true success that fateful day I buy my Hammer or Jaguar.

Naomi Phiri
Success to me simply means achieving that something that I have always desired or dreamt of. If it is my dream to drive a jaguar and I end up buying a Mercedes, to me that is failure. But then again, it may not always be material because we desire diverse things.

Muuka Himalukuta
Success is being able meet and accomplish my goals in life. This is regardless of what others are able to achieve in the given time. If my goal is to make K100,000 in a week and I achieve it then I would have been successful regardless of others making more than K100,000 in the time.

Deborah Mushamba
First, I would like to congratulate you for the wonderful work you do. I am one of the regular readers of your articles, they do help me especially that my job involves motivating clients.

Moses coming to your question, I think if one has to be called successful, they have to have a good financial base. The so called successful people of this world are measured by their wealth. For example, for someone to say they have a peace of mind they are able to pay bills or they are debt free, and able to save. Such people who save are able to invest hence grow wealth and end up to be called successful.

Success means to achieve or accomplish something. One might be successful in education. He/she simply does fine in education and achieves whatever qualification he/she dreams of. One might also be a successful farmer. He/she excels in growing whatever crops they think of.

Muzunga Ng'uni
First and foremost allow me to apologize for being quiet and for taking long to reply and secondly I want you to know that you are God's gift for earth because your articles are not articles written by an ordinary man but a man who has a Godly touch.

Finally but not least success in my personal opinion is when a person has a healthy relation with God and what follows are basically the fruits of that relation. These range physical, intellectual, financial, spiritual accomplishments. the list is endless but The core of the these accomplishments usually mushrooms the relationship. Thank you for taking time to consider my opinion.

I am sure the answers above give us some insight into the true meaning of success in life. Thanks Suwilanji, Naomi, Muuka, Deborah and Muzunga for sharing your thoughts on the true meaning of success in life.

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If you would like to add your thoughts on the meaning of success in life drop me a line.

I would be happy to include your comments on the meaning of success in life to the website so others can learn from you too.

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