The True Meaning of Success

I recently asked for views on the true meaning of success from subscribers to “The Dreamer’s Guide” Motivation newsletter. These are some of the responses that I received:

Pastor Clement Mwanza
Success to me means fulfilling my God given GOALS, doing what I know God wants me to do and seeing the results, it makes me feel satisfied and relevant to life.

Sam Banda
I think success means having my vision coming true. as in the things that I wrote on paper. it isnt just money.

Lydia Chikumbi
It’s not an easy word to define however I’d say……….

To succeed is to enjoy life in whatever you do; to do things like laugh often, win the respect of people, accept things as they manifest and make a difference for the better, appreciate the simple things of life such as beauty, air, nature etc; to find the best in others; To give of one's self with no strings attached; To achieve one’s goals………………etc

Ronald Chirembo
Success to me means discovering your purpose in life and fulfilling it.

Christopher Banda
Success means planning ahead and plans produce that success. Chris in Zambia.

Success is being able to have financial and human freedom which will enable you to have access or own any item or asset of your desire without sacrificing your inner happiness and peace of mind .

Alex Kanyama Zulu
What success means to me is accomplishing the goals I have set for myself and rectifying the set backs(challenges) experienced in the due course.

I would also say the ability or freedom to make decisions independently without having to depend on others like friends, relatives or employers. The ability to have a sustainable increase in wealth have control of your life and resources.Thanks

Lottie Tembo
To me success will always stem from financial success. You have to be financially successful in order to be successful in all other areas of human endeavour, for instance your relationship with any one will blossom if you meet their physical needs how do you do this ? You need finances. The educational needs of your children, the contribution of tithe in the church the promotion of campaigns regards HIV and aids the raising of awareness on global warming. I can go on and on . For you to be successful you have to have financial success ,which has a domino effect on your other

Deodatuls Bwalya
Success to me means something more than just financial success. What do I mean? I think people naturally are complicated beings with different intentions or desires. What could be the most important thing to achieve for me, may not necessarily be another person’s top priority.

I could desire to help the poor in any way I can as a way of serving God, my friend’s dream could be to create a multi-million dollar company. When both of us get the desired results in our respective fields then that is success. I have succeeded in achieving what I wanted and so has friend.

This is explained even clearer in the Bible where it is written that the Holy Spirit gives different gifts to different people. However, money does play a very important part in our lives. For most of the dreams to be realised there is some amount of money that has to be spent in addition to other necessary inputs. I think you rightly put it in one of the articles that what is bad/sinful is the love for money and not money itself.

That can explain your being inclined to focus more on the aspect of financial success than any other. How does one measure success? I think one should simply compare the objectives one had when formulating his/her dream with the results achieved so far and see whether or not one is on course and make some necessary adjustments where possible.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my opinion, I am a regular reader of your inspiring articles. The good meaning people around the world with burning desire for great achievements need your contributions. God bless you.

Micky Nsangwe
Success to me entails, among other things, living a fulfilling life. A life that you can look back at and have no regrets at all and would want to relive that life over and over again. This means achieving my dreams. So what are my dreams? Living by the dictates of the Holy Bible and adequately providing for my family.

I am sure the answers above give us some insight into the true meaning of success. Thanks Pastor Clement,Sam, Lydia,Micky, Anonymous, Ronald, Christopher, Alex, Lottie and Deodatuls for sharing your thoughts on the true meaning of success.

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If you would like to add your thoughts on the true meaning of success drop me a line.

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