Definition of Success

I recently asked for views on the definition of success in our personal lives from subscribers to “The Dreamer’s Guide” Motivation newsletter. These are some of the responses that I received:

Suzgo Michael
Success is merited as a mere achievement of that which one intends to do. But in an eagle’s eye, it goes beyond that. It’s about self, public and societal acceptance of having achieved an intended purpose.

it’s about setting a mission and on its completion do you succeed.

Make that high goal, have an achievement strategy, attain that vision and you will hear them tell you: “you have really succeeded!”

Bupe Mushingo
Success is the completion of anything intended or planned for. This comes with a lot of discipline carried on a daily basis, which can be accumulative. Hard work is another factor to success. When 100% effort is put in what ever you do the results most of the time are excellent.

Success can also be about developing oneself into a person who is valuable to others. However this will lead to making money because people will pay for value the same way with a skilful person at his job will usually command whatever pay they wish.

Faith in oneself is another huge and important part of success. You must believe that you deserve and you have the ability to succeed.

Doreen Phiri
Success is an accomplishment of an aim or purpose in ones life. Success can point at a lot things. If you complete your education, attain degrees, have a nice job, its success. Having children is a success. But having a strong financial backing is a great success. WHY? Money answers all things.

Emily Zulu
Thanks for giving me this opportunity to answer this confusing question.

While it’s very difficult to define success as you have put it, it may mean different things to different individuals. In my own understanding I would define success as "the achievement of ones desires such as goals, missions dreams and so on"

Ivy Mwewa
Dear Dr. Simuyemba,
In my own words, success is getting done with the things I aim to have done, i.e. achieving my objectives, big or small and getting a sense of fulfilment from doing it. This could mean passing an exam, getting a report done for my boss on time, etc. The most important thing for me is that things are not happening accidentallybut that they are actually planned outcomes.

Richard Lilamono
To me success means: Being able to achieve or attain something in full or complete. And also being in a position to sustain that success. Successful activities/events should last for a longer period. Short lived success is not success at all. It’s temporal and therefore does not qualify to be called success. A very good example of success is reaching self actualisation in life.

Brian Mctribuoy
Success to me means being in a position to help someone and helping them.

it is for this very reason that I’m a working so hard and smart so that I will be able to find my self in a situation to help someone... it might be with money, it might be emotionally, or whatever possible way that I can.

Because I know that one day I will have something to show for it when God asks me what I have done with my life.

I believe what Martin Luther King jr. said "life's most important question is what are you doing for others?'You can never do something nice for someone else without you yourself feeling good.

Every night before I go to sleep I ask my self this question and the answer will determine whether my day was successful.

Thanks to everyone above for sharing on the definition of success from your perspectives. I am certain lots of people will find them useful.

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If you would like to add your thoughts on the definition of success drop me a line.

I would be happy to include your comments on the definition of success to the website so others can learn from you too.

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