It is 11:59 and I wonder what do you do when you are overwhelmed, what do you do when it appears that all is lost, what do you do when Hope has been sucked from you, when Love has been shook from you, when Peace has caused you to shiver, when Joy has caused you to fall, Mercy has caused you to trip, Goodness has seemed to have gone bad and Justice has seemed to have jumped into the arms of injustice. It is 11:59.

You are sick and tired of being sick and tired, confusion in the home, messed up on the job and stressed out with bills. It is 11:59 but I hear you saying, the bill collectors are calling me every hour, calling me on my cell, calling me at my home, calling me at my neighbors, calling me during church service, calling me while I’m eating, calling and calling and calling. I‘m robbing Peter to pay Paul, money is really funny and my change is really strange.

It is 11:59p.m., and I feel like checking out, 11:59 and I feel like giving up, I feel like there is no way out, I feel like ending it all. It is 11:59 and I feel betrayed by my associate, lied to by my lover, deceived by my daddy, mislead by my mother, hoodwinked by my household, bamboozled by my buddies and jostled on my job.

It is 11:59pm, and I feel like ending it all, I feel like taking my life y’all. Then I hear a voice saying “Stop, stop, for everything is going to be alright”, I hear God saying “it’s all good.” Hold on, hold on, it aint over til I (GOD) says it over. Yes, it is 11:59 p.m., yes it is exactly one minute to midnight.

I dare you to start worshipping GOD for who HE is, I dare you to start praising GOD for what HE has already done in your life and what He is able to do. Remember when you were sick with the high fever, remember when you made it through the fire, remember when you were in the car accident and the car was totally destroyed but you didn’t have a scratch on you, remember it was God who woke you up this morning, it was God who gave you sight to see, it was God who gave you a right mind and at 11:59 it is GOD that will deliver you into 12:00 midnight which is a New Day.

A New Day, pregnant with possibilities, a New Day, optimistic with opportunities, a New Day full of fortune, a New Day dedicated to your destiny and a New Day encouraged with expectancy.

Yes, GOD is not through with you yet, GOD has greatness in store for you. GOD loves you, GOD created you to give him praise, give him glory and give him honor. Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has entered into the heart of Man, what God has prepared for U.

It is 11:59 and weeping may be going on and on, but I declare that at 12:00 JOY is coming in the morning, Just hold ON and fight the good fight of Faith.

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