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The Motivation Blog is for those that are serious about achieving their dreams. Taking action is what sets the dreamers apart from the wishers. This blog will keep you posted on the latest new and unique features and articles on this site.

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Words are potent

Words weather written or spoken carry power. Words determine destinies. The quality of you words determine the quality of your life. God created the whole

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Wanna own my business

Im an independent mother of two who wants to be a chef. I love cooking it's my passion, my life, my love. I'd love to own my kitchen very soon. I don't

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Tomorrow Comes Only If…………

He planned for everything and waited for tomorrow Each day his planning was fine-tuned, but for tomorrow He thought life has many tomorrows for him Days

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How to Save a Relationship

Relationships are not complicated, people are. People make things excessively intricate. They create a mess and make mistakes, and they lie and cheat.

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Self education

The average Nigerian person will stop reading after graduation. Some will even forget that they went to school Okay now. see something The only thing

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Yoga and Meditation: Health Benefits

Many individuals who practice meditation need to ground themselves in their bodies. Yoga experts are regularly attentive with their bodies with a physical

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Upsides and Downsides of Having a Partner with the Same Mindset as You

Indeed, opposites attract, but birds with the same feather tend to flock together too. Dating somebody who is your mirror image in terms of personality,

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Spiritual Life is Essential for Personal Growth

What first comes to mind when you think about personal and professional success? Is it responsibility, money, influence or growth? There is nothing erroneous

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Thought Dynamics - A Vector where Quality also is a property

We believe that quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our thoughts . Thoughts have three like a typical vector : A)Quantity B)Quality

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Look beyond Mirror

Every individual is unique in itself. Some have good skills and knowledge, others know how to live the life fully. In the journey of the life, several

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"America, Where Is Your Motivation."

The average American isn't making the choice to be happy or live a life that's fufilling to them. This is the first generation in history, that won't

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You Can Choose to "Be a Happy Success Story"!!!

Happiness and Success can be achieved by anyone in the world on a daily basis. Every person that is alive today has the ability to wake up one day, and

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Live the life

Stop getting too busy trying to stay alive; spend your time and energy living the life.

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Making Decisions

A decision is like a string that stretches from the time it was made to the time of reaping its effect. Whether it was wrong or correct, nobody knows

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Why Is It Important To Embrace Our "Dark Side" Every Now And Then?

When we refer to the dark side, ideally it is our inner darkest fantasies. Over the years, the dark side has become to be known as ‘the shadow’. A number

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learning is Magic

AOA, How are you? I hope you will be quite well. By profession, I am a transformational teacher. I learn a lot valuable lessons from my students. As you

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The Quest for Personal Growth

Aristotle said that animals are, while humans are always becoming. In other words, people confront mortality, strive for meaning, and investigate the universe,

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Feature as a Guest Author on Motivation for Dreamers

Submit your motivational and insirational articles on Motivation for Dreamers for exposure and reach

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I thought it was my day But I lay I wished I was gay On that day I was never gay on that day Pain filled my heart All that I could see Nor feel was the

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Always Be Real.

One day I got into a bus. The conductor came near me. I gave him the money. I said the name of the place. But the conductor got angry and said, Are you

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Just Do It

“The graveyard is the richest place on earth because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that

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The Dream Chaser

We can’t live life without a DREAM. We can’t live without chasing a DREAM, The dream of our youth, The dream that look like a thousand mountains. The

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Dont Give Up

There is something about this life, The challenges kept coming, The battle kept getting more tougher, Like the lonely days will never end. The Ant kept

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It's ALL In The Believing

Growing flowers from seed is a LOT of work. Not physical work exactly, but more of a discipline. One must care for the seeds, making sure they get water

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Be unstoppable

Play the game you’ll see you lost at first but who knows, you’ll win the next time. So keep trying until you nail it. But you got to build up where you

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Invest in the Real You

INVEST IN THE REAL YOU Who are you? Wayne Dyer, an American philosopher,author and motivational speaker once said we are spiritual beings having human

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Personal Legend There We Go

Construct a yoga temple for my mom. Help the kids in morrocco => HOW TO TALK. MAKE THEM SPEECH KILLERS ! :D Make the world a better place. LOVE AND

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Ten Keys To Achieveing Academic Success

TEN KEYS TO ACHIEVING ACADEMIC SUCCESS BY ORUKA GODSTIME OTUENE success in any field of life is a product of consistent and persistent hard work. Academic

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Goal Settings In Academics

GOAL SETTING : This is a major principle that has been taught by great avatars, teachers and philosophers throughout history. A goal is a set of clear

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Who Am I?

I am a young girl who is very dedicated to her school work and writing poems and speeches. I am aesthetic. In the future, I want my dreams to be goal

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15 Ways To Avoid Regret In Your Life

“I don’t regret the things I’ve done, I only regret the things I did not do when I had the chance“. – Anonymous Most people live their lives in regret;

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Seeds of What?

The book Seeds of Joy, Growing Zinnias and Your Zest for Life may have an interesting title, but what does it REALLY mean? What do Zinnias have to do

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Resiliency: An Equal Opportunity Resource

Do any of these sound like you: Your organization has been downsized, right-sized, capsized. Perhaps you’ve been merged, remerged, submerged. Every time

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Dear Alcohol

Dear alcohol You have been my friend for 42 years, but the time has come for me to say goodbye. I think I need to tell you why. Even while

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Dinner Surprise

My nephew at the age of 7 decided he would do something wonderful for his Mom. Oh how he loved her and he thought his idea would be so exciting. He quietly

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One of the not-so-good traits that show up in my family and possibly in yours as well is stubbornness and arrogance. It is serious and can derail our journey

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From Rags to Riches

Prophetess Bridgett Franklin A native of Brooklyn, New York, Pastor Bridgett overcame tremendous odds to become the daughter, mother, sister and friend

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Thank you for inspiring me!

Thank you for sharing your articles and speeches. It really helped me with a speech that I was writing for a meeting we´ll have for a major change that

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Desire To Succeed

What I want is extraordinary. The way I will achieve it is the means to my success. -DocCis Why I want to achieve greatness is due to the need of purpose

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A life shared, happy healthy kids and a contribution

I dream of having a true partner in life, financial independence to give me time to be involved deeply in my kids lives while they are young,to raise them

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Theme of life

There should be a logical conclusion to what we do in life.

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I know the pain, I lived with the pain Have been quiet for sometime Betrayal can break you into pieces, especially if done by someone you love or trusted

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I Made Myself

Through out my life I sought approval of others. I believed that the environment makes you and breaks you,in order to survive you need everyone to praise

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Nature taught us that we are human beings, and we are better than all the creatures God have created. However we can’t shy away the fact that we only live


My Struggle For Success

I am siraj khan. I am 18. My education qualification is 12th pass. I am completed it form Uttar pradesh. I wanna to be good advise..........,

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Motivation Newsletter - Living the Dream

Living the Dream motivation newsletter is a great resource to help you achieve more and be more.

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Dump The Dictionary and Learn The True Meaning Of Resiliency

Resilience is a way of walking through life. As I explored the wisdom we all get in hindsight, I realized that there is another word we might use: PREsilience

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When life is such mess, Everybody makes you stress, The life you have is such a empty place, No one knows that you will bless, Success does not come easier,

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Champion Attaiment

Brethren, i count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing i do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things

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