Motivation Games

Improve Your Memory, Conquer stress, Build Up Your Vocabulary and Creativity

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I found these motivation games quite by accident one day when I was kind of bored and looking for something a little interesting and out of the ordinary to do. I soon found that they are more than just a boredom buster. They are very educational, challenging and fun too:

Poppit Stress Buster
Feeling stressed out? This is a great way to beat that stress, clear your head and recapture your energy. It is especially great if you are at the office and need to unwind for a few minutes.

Bloons is similar to Poppit Stress Buster but with a different twist. It is also a good way to conquer that stress. Just get your bow…ready…aim…and….FIRE. Pop! Pop! Pop!

Letter Hunt
How fast can you get the correct sequence of a random set of letters? This requires some quick thinking and some quick fingers – or else you lose points. It’s not as easy as it sounds, trust me!

Word Burst
Word burst is a fun vocabulary game. Make as many words as you can from a given grid of letters. The longer the word the more points you earn. Plus there are lots of little twists and turns to make it more interesting. It’s a great way to improve your vocabulary and thinking skills.

Word Scramble
This is one of the most fun ways to build up your vocabulary. Did you know that research has proven that one of the things that determine your level of success in life is how good your vocabulary is? It’s true.

Ear Nightingale says “Our use of language is the one thing we cannot hide.” So get going to improve your language with this word scramble. Make as many words as you can from a set of letters you are given, I recommend you play this one regularly. It will improve your thinking and vocabulary in leaps and bounds. It’s one of my favourites.

This is definitely my favourite of these motivation games.

Memory III
In this game you have to memorize the sequence of objects shown and then put them in the correct order. You have to be quick though because you are not given much time to memorize things. This is a great game to help you be more observant and improve your memory.

Memory IV
This is a variation of Memory III, only this time you have to select a pair of matching balls. Don’t get too overconfident though because things get very interesting and challenging pretty fast.

Math Cross Search 9X9
Simple addition has never been this much fun. Find a sequence of numbers that add up to a certain number in a 9X9 grid. Somebody help me with this one, please!

Play my favourite of these motivation games

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