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words of motivation. Dr Moses Simuyemba. George Washington Statue. Washington DC.George Washington Statue, Washington DC, USA

Here are some words of motivation from some of the articles I have written as well as just some things that I believe to be true. I also share a lot of my thoughts on my Facebook page. Follow me there for more updates and interesting insights.

If you need to quote these anywhere, please be sure to attribute to "Dr Moses Simuyemba".

Word of Motivation

  • "The truth is, whether you know it or not, your thoughts are responsible for whatever place or situation you are in right now."
  • "Any self-improvement program or journey of personal development starts with your thoughts. Master your thoughts first in order to  master your environment and circumstances."
  • "Dreamers chart their own course and destiny. Dreamers are always striving to be the person they were meant to be and are not afraid to be different."
  • "I am here to tell you that there is another way. It’s not for everyone. It’s not the only way. It’s not the easier way. Actually, it is more likely to be the harder way. But I guarantee you it is the best way. It is simply this – follow your dreams."
  • "We cannot exhaust the creative power of our minds."
  • "If your mind can accept that something is achievable, it will find a way to attain that thing."

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More Words of Motivation

words of motivation. Dr Moses Simuyemba. Chaminuka Game Reserve, Lusaka, Zambia.Sunset at Chaminuka Game Reserve, Lusaka, Zambia.
  • "Your potential is unlimited. You can become and achieve anything you want."
  • "Your vision is limited only by you. The problem is that you don’t know what you should be. It’s not your fault, really: your education has messed you up. It has taken your boundless potential and shrunk it and shaped it into a narrow title."
  • "If something is widely accepted and everyone is doing it, it is probably better for you as a dreamer not to do it.
  • "It is your responsibility to get the correct knowledge so you can have the correct road map of life. Ignorance is no defense. Ignorance will kill you."
  • "The truth is that while you are not totally responsible for what does and doesn’t happen to you, you are responsible for how you respond to what happens to you.

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Even More Words of Motivation

words of motivation. Dr Moses Simuyemba. Protea Hotel Safari Lodge, Lusaka, Zambia.Protea Hotel Safari Lodge, Lusaka, Zambia.
  • "It may seem hard to take full responsibility for your life, but ultimately you will find it is the single most empowering decision you will ever make."
  • "The amount of effort it takes to fail is the same amount of effort it takes to succeed as far as the mind is concerned. It is your responsibility to provide it with the right seeds of thought."
  • "There is a big difference between wishing and being a dreamer. Dreamers design their ideal life and work to achieve it everyday. They don’t believe in chance or luck. Wishers wait on a genii to grant their three wishes all their lives. The problem is, if the genii were to ever show up they still wouldn’t know what to wish for!"
  • "There is a reason why a lot of people don’t believe in positive thinking and that kind of thing. It is simply that they do not want to face the fact that their lives are totally in their own hands and they are afraid of the immense potential and results if they do so."

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