A Dream come true

As I grew up I was not that good in
school (both primary & secondary). The time came when we had to write our exams at ordinary level and I didn't do very well. I failed.

I failed not because I knew nothing but because I was lazy. I'm one of those guys who used to say education doesn't pay anymore. But later I've realized that I was lying to myself. In this world there is nothing you would really do without education.

So later I changed my thoughts through experiencing some life challenges with no education and I went back to school to do my ordinary level. At the end year I wrote my exam and passed with flying colours.

I proceeded to advanced level and I passed with flying colours again. I went to varsity and did Electronic Engineering. Now I am an Engineer.

But what I've learned through those hard times is that knowing what you want is the best thing. Do not let anyone discourage you because I faced a lot of discouragement, but I just said to myself I have to keep going.

Well that's my story thank you for your time I hope I will get more from this.
Thank you

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