Activate Your Own Successful Stimulus Recovery Plan

by Linda Zander
(Malibu, CA, USA)

Linda Zander

Linda Zander

Are you waiting for the stimulus plan to kick in to solve your personal wealth and well-being woes? Waiting for a plan to work that was developed by some source outside of yourself is not going to provide you with the abundance, security and serenity that you want to achieve! The answer is within you this very moment and is waiting to be unleashed.

I can guide you in unleashing your inherent creative and intellectual abilities that will actualize a new life of fulfilling and lasting success. The truly successful person is one who gets PROACTIVE in designing and implementing their own plan that encompasses their own beliefs, values, needs, wants and desires. Here is how you get out of "lack" and into abundance.

The first step is to move out of the conditioned behavior of "self-debting" that has been a mainstay of our society for so long and which has finally proven to be unsustainable. Here are some of the signs of a self-debtor:

* PROCRASTINATION: putting your life on hold pending some outside event that you don't have control over.
* Not asking for what you want or need.
* Giving what you do not have available to give.
* Neglecting yourself by not having: healthy nutrition, exercise, personal time, etc.
* Lack of assertiveness.

Procrastination is one of the biggest forms of "self-debting" that will cause the under earning of the wealth and well-being you are seeking to achieve.

To take you out of "lack" and into the manifestation of a personal stimulus recovery plan that will keep you abundantly fulfilled is the goal of my sustainable success model. The approach is to achieve a balanced interplay between the following four areas:


* Eat Regularly and Healthfully. Great nutrition is fuel for a brilliant mind and body. Do give up at least one unhealthy habit that will relieve and stimulate your body, mind and pocketbook.
* Get Out Into Nature: There are proven powerful healing, restorative benefits to the sunlight, plants, and animals of our Mother Earth.
* Engage In Joyful Activities: Have some fun! Joy expands the heart, soul and mind. There are plenty of fun activities to engage in that are little to no cost. When short on time I, myself, love to pop into an exotic fish store, bead store, or toy store and play. Or with more time, I go out to run at the beach; dolphin watch; bowl or bar-b-que with friends or go dancing. Find your bliss!


* Take Some Time To Get Strong Clarity On Your Primary Goal And Purpose: Now is the time to reevaluate your values and goals. Financial well-being is creating your own sense of security and freedom to live a life of passion and serenity. Uncover what that is for you.
* Know What You Can Give And Don't Give What You Can't Afford To Give: Giving what you can't afford will only create scarcity for you and others.
* Trade And Barter Goods And Services: There is much community joy in sharing with each other what we have. We all have something we don't want or need any longer that is valuable to someone else and vice-versa. Be proactive in creating an opportunity for bartering/exchanging and recycling.
* Be Creative In Looking For Alternatives To Getting What You Want That Doesn't Cost More Than You Can Comfortably Afford: One example I heard recently: A woman wanted to go to a black tie event (joyful activity for her); but didn't have a great handbag to match her dress and couldn't really afford to buy a new one. She found an online store that rents designer bags! It was a win-win for everyone.
* Be Proactive In Finding Financial Opportunities To Grow Your Wealth And To Promote Yourself. There are plenty of opportunities out there if you are open to them. The growing strength and popularity of social networking and marketing affords a very low cost to entry with maximum results.


* Engage In Activities That Bring You Peace, Clarity And Serenity: Whatever the practice is that feels good to you IS the most beneficial one that will expand your capacity to create, manifest, live and love. Whether it be: meditation, prayer, chanting, journaling, creating art, cooking, etc, engage in it however many times per month that is right for you. There is no wrong way to spiritually engage... just do it! And reap the rewards.
* Be Of Service Where And When You Can And Be Anonymous About It.


* Take Time To Be With Friends, Family, Colleagues And Community. Overworking, underplaying and avoiding relationships will not achieve sustainable wealth and well-being.
* Verbally Acknowledge the Love, Respect, Admiration, and Job Well-done You Have For Those In Your Life.
* Actively Listen To All Those Who Come In Contact With You Each Day.
* Seek To Find The Similarities And Not The Differences In All Your Relationships.
* Participate In Relationships Where You Can Genuinely Give And Receive Support.
* Practice Courageous, Compassionate Communication In All Your Affairs.

Sustainable Success comes from co-communing compassionately with each other in an openly sharing environment without fear of judgment or competition. We are all interdependent upon each other more now than ever and it is imperative for the ushering in of a new era of Sustainable Wealth and Well-being.

"Where there is love; all things grow and flourish." Linda Zander

(c) 2009, Linda Zander. All rights reserved. Reprints welcomed so long as article and byline are printed intact and all links made live.

Linda Zander is an accomplished entrepreneur, sustainable success coach and professional speaker. She is a natural visionary and intuitive who is dedicated to bringing her personal and business wisdom to the lives of others for the achievement of peak performance, cutting edge innovation, wealth and well-being. To join her free newsletter and learn more about working with Linda visit her website at

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