"America, Where Is Your Motivation."

by Tim Mark Nolen
(Mariposa CA, United States)

The average American isn't making the choice to be happy or live a life that's fufilling to them. This is the first generation in history, that won't automatically do better than their parents at achieving the American dream.

The national attention span for America has been rated at about 5 seconds. Listen to this, a goldfish has a 6 second attention span. YES A GOLDFISH, has a better attention span than average AMERICAN.

This should outrage and hopefully inspire each and everyone of us Americans. Well, the ones who can actually sit down and read this! We are so over-saturated, that a goldfish can pay more attention than a very large percentage of America's population.

So please wake up my fellow Americans and help fix this statistic. Sadly most of us aren't willing to put in the time and effort that's needed to achieve our true dreams.

We give up, say it's to hard or that it's just not possible. That's a real tragedy in my eyes, hopefully you feel the same. We are starting to become weak and soft society that's content with living a sad unhealthy existense.

Our newest generation(Millenials), is also the most spoiled generation of all time. They have all the information or knowlege they could ever need wrapped up in their pocket(Smart Phone).

All that's needed pretty much is to compile the data on whatever the subject matter may be. Their told that they deserve success just because they want it, because of this a lot of them are failing to make something of themselves.

Yet, it's not their fault, we the older generations are allowing this to happen. For example the participation trophies, we're telling them as long as you show up your a winner.

In reality, this trophy system actually makes them feel worse than just losing at whatever competing for. The responsible party is us the older generations for allowing these things to happen.

We know that hardwork and dedication is the real way to have true success in life. But we're forgetting that the Millenial's have plenty to teach us as well. For example they are much more likely to not get bogged down with the thoughts of not being able to do what their trully passionate about for a career.

I believe the answer is a melding of these two sets of values. Knowing that through hardwork and dedication to the things we are most passionate about is the way to true success. I know that seems really simplistic but I firmly believe that it's just the complete and udder truth!!!

If we as a society would just learn to lift every human being next to us. No matter how differant, weird, or crazy you feel that individual might be. Learn to motivate or inspire everyone we come in contact with on a daily basis.

To treat others the way we wish to treated, but be willing to stand up for each other and correct them when their actions are wrong. If each individual in America would spend the very brief 24 hours in a day wisely and constructively we could truly be the greastest nation in the world.

Like many of us love to boast about, not just because we have the strongest military in the world. Tragically though, a lot of us are going to a they hate to get a measly paycheck to survive and not to truly live.

Then singing the thank god it's friday song and drinking or smoking themselves into stuper every weekend. Only to start this sad process over and over again. We call that life? I don't want that for myself or anyone else, how about you?

You might say I don't know what you go through on daily basis, I don't have the time or energy to chase some silly dream I had growing up. What your really saying is I'm not willing to take the time I have free go after what I'm truly passionate about. You the everyday American need to realize that your only stuck because your allowing yourself to do so.

Your making the choice to be stuck in a life you don't desire. So get off your butt and make the choice to be happy and successful. Define what it means to you to be happy with your life and make the decision to have it for yourself. Rise up American boy or girl, allow yourself a true piece of the American dream. As well as lifting up the man,woman, or child next you!!!

Your unigue soul is an important part of Americana. Shine your light, because each and everyone of is needed and should be valued. If we all don't change, how can any of us thrive and be a truly great nation.

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