by Trish Iturralde
(Cavite, Philippines)

According to Law of Magnetism, opposite poles attracts. But according to law of optimism, positive attracts positive. Think of positive things and good things will run after you.

1. Count your blessings and be positive
One way of achieving optimism is by counting your blessings. Yes, there could be many misfortunes, but try to look on the brighter side. Instead of counting your misfortunes, why not start to count blessings.
I always see the negative things in my life, always grumbling with what I have. Why do others have construction firm at the age of 23 while I am already 25, a bum and a not registered engineer? Why do other people have those and that? I thought I was the most unfortunate person in the world.
While other people are fighting for survival and still thankful for their lives, I was grumbling. I was so ungrateful.
And one day, I realized, God showered me with many talents. Not just talents but unique talents. So instead of sulking and grumbling, I started using my talents to praise God, to count my blessings, and to help others. I started of thinking of good things and I noticed, good things are coming toward me.

2. Trust in yourself.
Why you don't trust other people? First, you don't know them. And second, you know them.
I just read it somewhere. Sort of confusing but the logic is right.
Is it possible that you trust your friends and family members but you don't trust yourself? Yes, it is. If you always doubt yourself and you don't have confidence, then, you don't trust yourself.
Fear. It kills me. I'm afraid to try, to fall and get hurt. And I don't believe in myself that I'm capable of doing things. That's why I'm afraid.
My teacher in review school once told us. "If you don't believe in yourself at the beginning of fight and you keep telling yourself that you will lose, you will, indeed, lose because you are preparing for it."
If you think you will fail, why will you try? You will just waste your time and effort. Stand firm to your belief that you can’t do a thing and embrace your cowardice. You will be forever jealous to the people who have nice cars because you are always afraid to learn how to drive. You will remain forever in your situation because you are always afraid to step forward.
You can do all things if you believe you can. There is a verse in the bible saying, "I can do all things with God who strengthen me" (Phil 4:13). If you believe in God, you have to believe in yourself because you were created to be more than you think who you are.

3. Live and enjoy life.
If you think you are the most unfortunate, just relax. Look around you. If you are experiencing pain and hardships today, it doesn’t mean that you will experience those forever. Learn to appreciate your “today”. Most of us are thinking ahead, thinking of the future. It’s not bad to think and plan for the future. But if you think too much and forget to live your present life, you are the most unlucky person. You never get the chance to enjoy every single moment of your life because you worry too much what will happen “tomorrow” when your “today” suffers. If you think carefully, “tomorrow” never exists. Future never exists. When tomorrow comes, it will be “today”. And the “today” today will be yesterday if tomorrow comes. It is not necessary if it is tomorrow or yesterday. The important is today. The things you have done yesterday, they were all done and cannot be undone. The thing that you can do is to do great things today despite of unwanted situation you are into. If you think that your every “today” is horrible, be patient. Good things happen to those who wait. “The pain you have been feeling cannot compare to the joy that is coming” (Ro 8:18). Instead of thinking how terrible your “today” is, try doing good things to make your “tomorrow” a better day. With patience, trust, and a hopeful heart, better day is waiting ahead of us no matter how long it will take.

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