Article On Motivation
Small Steps Count

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An article on motivation on the importance of taking consistent small steps from the "Lesson from a Baby" series.

As our son, Shiza, was growing I noticed him progress from being totally helpless and dependent on others to slowly gaining some degree of independence with each passing week. There was a time he could not turn himself from lying on his back to lying on his belly. Now that comes almost effortlessly. Once he could not sit. Now he is sitting and crawling.

Small Steps Count

These are little steps, but they are important steps. Every step counts. Every bit of progress matters, because one thing leads to another. First he learnt how to support his neck. Then he learnt to straighten his back, then sitting supported, then sitting without support, then crawling on his belly using his hands only, then using his legs as well. Soon he will learn to stand and then…to walk…and run…and play football…and….!

Watching him take all these little steps got me thinking about how we make progress in life. Why is it that when it comes to such things we understand that we have to follow a certain process in order to learn and become proficient at something. Yet, when it comes to achieving anything in life, most of us expect instant results. We don’t want to go through the process. We want instant gratification.We forget about the little steps and get disappointed when our attempted big steps results in failure.

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Imagine Shiza thinking that he could walk without ever learning to sit, crawl or stand! That would be ridiculous. He wouldn’t manage, and if he did he would risk getting injured or having deformed legs because they wouldn’t be strong enough to support his weight! But often we expect to excel at something without ever learning the basics of how to do that thing.

The lesson
“Get-rich-quick” schemes are a typical reflection of such an unhealthy attitude. We want everything for nothing and we want it now! The result? Failure, frustration and disappointment. If we do manage to get some degree of success it often leads to our destruction. You have to be ready for success before you can have long lasting and good success.

People that get rich or famous prematurely often destroy themselves with excesses such as alcohol, womanizing, reckless spending, debt, destroyed family relationships and a host of other things. Their minds were not strong enough to handle the pressure and responsibility that comes with wealth or success. That is why following the process is important. Small steps count because they prepare you and strengthen you so that when success comes, you will be ready for it.They discipline you.

Follow the process
Whatever you want to achieve, you must follow the process. Don’t take shortcuts. Do it right and do it well. Don’t be in a hurry either. Take your time. Plan, investigate and take it one step at a time. Every step counts. If you miss a step, you will trip and fall.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to fall. As I watch my son grow I know there are and will be many times when he falls as he tries to master each stage of the process of learning how to walk. That is inevitable. Yet he continues to try. Many times he has hit his head on the hard floor as he tried to sit. But after a good cry, he was back at it again.

Falls will come, even when you have done all you can do to be careful. The secret? Get up and try again! . Failure only happens when you accept it. As long as you keep trying, you have not failed.

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