Be Your Own Master

by Deep Vaghela
(Baroda, Gujarat, India)

Be Your Own Master

“If a person has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself.”

It has been noticed that the average person talks to himself or herself about 50 times in a day and that self-talk about him or her is 90% on negative things. These mind talk creates a powerful effect on us and on our attitude. This called the psychological behavior which acts as a motivator within us. It actually affects our body control within us. If you are not careful on such things, it can kill you within your limit.

In this small article I try to focus on positivity within us and try to kill the negative act within us.

“BE YOUR OWN MASTER” where your thoughts have brought you with your present and future.

Take initiative to always roar like a lion of a jungle who always strive to win in any situation. Your silence, your thoughts, your gestures or your inner within empowers you to transform into a MASTER from MAID. The world always judges you on your winning and not on the path you have travelled. Your inner is the only source to encourage us to be confident on every path of your life.

“BE THE KOHINOOR OF YOUR LIFE” the way you polish yourself is the way you sale as a brand in the market. Your inner thoughts and value is the only ingredient that makes you the branded diamond. It’s just a master key to dealing with any kind of thoughts that come up in your golden head. You are the ultimate in charge of what you have to do and what not to do.

Just because you think it, it isn’t meaning a true. You should constantly question yourself whether by way of thought or action that what you are and where you want to be.

Even our body itself manages to separate the unwanted blood to run the muscular system properly. You have to block the negativity and talk back to build the great path of success and happiness.

This is the best way or rather the only way to heighten the positive thought within you and get rid of negativity in you.

If you think something is always going to happen or will never happen, you are doomed from the outset.

When you use the words like always, never, everyone, no one, every time and such other words are some signs of negativity in you.

Generally people focus on the bad and never on the good in a situation. When I was in a college, I used to tick mark important questions and the less important questions are always left out during the exam studies. Believe me it really won’t work during exam.

Here the critical component is the always or never asked questions in exams which ultimately not the truth.

Once in a job interview, interviewer asked me to tell one good thing that I have and applied in last six months. On the very first note, I get stumped. The next question was on similar lines to tell one bad thing that I have and face in last six months and I instantly replied. The crux stands that we keep on looking our weak points more frequently and sooner than on our strong or potential points. We need to focus on positivity of our own within.

If you plant beautiful and healthy thoughts into your mind you will reap a beautiful and healthy life. The positive thought will yield good results in the same way that negative thoughts yield bad results.

You cannot sow poison ivy and hope to reap apples. Seedtime and harvest are the laws we live by, you live what you think. That is why it is important to say the right things and sometimes we have to make a deliberate effort to do so through positive affirmations

A good exercise to build your potential is to write one 1 word on daily basis which makes you strong, stronger and strongest. It will create a good change in how you see yourself in front of the world.

There are many possible explanations for this question. But it’s only you who really evaluate yourself in any situation.

You should try to reach the total truth which you have to understand as a core principle rather than the mere negative imaginary thought. The principle is that part of you is trying to motivate and the rest of you to do something for your own good.

Try to spend a minimum of 1 minute on your positive thought and make sure to be very specific in what you want yourself to do. If you do it loud, do it with as much passion as possible.

“REMEMBER” that a player who complains about the bounce ball, is always dropped down earlier. You are what you Think.

By, ACS Deep Vaghela.
You can contact me on +91-9913803369 or
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Nov 25, 2015
Very Nice
by: Anonymous

Really nice article

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