Because it's only me who believes in me

by Michelle S

I had not have an easy childhood. My family had money problems and my father wss very abusive and an alcoholic. My mom got me when she was 17 and my sister when she was 18. Her parents died because of cancer when she was 14 so she got us because I think she wanted to build her own family because she didn't have one.
When I was 4 years old, we finally escaped from my abusive father and got into an home for woman where they are safe in an other country. Then I met my stepfather (now Exhusband of her) who also wasn't the best. He cheated after 4 years marriage on my mom and left us.

So basically I am now nearly 18 years old and my family consists of my mom, my 2 younger sister and me. Yes I wish I had a grandma or grandpa, you know just to see howbit feels. Or I always wished for a dad (Addidtionaly like the daughter-father-relationships in the movies!!), but you know I accept my life how it is.

But the point is, I would not accept if my future would go on like this. I had depression when I was 13 till 15 years old, and I never had many friends in school because I wasn't "normal" (I never was interested in the topics my schoolmates talked about. I always preferred to think about my future ) and I never want to feel like that again.

I am talented girl and I believe in myself that I can achieve my goal.

Now my dreams are firstly losing weight so that I feel confident
And finishing my school wirh only A's.
Then I want to go study filmpoduction or direction (to motivate other people with my movies) on an famous university in germany.

Those are my dreams, and I believe in me that I will achieve them. I will.

I want to show to everyone who thought that I am nothing and to the people in my past who left me and my family , what they miss. I want to make sure, that they remember me, and be scared to leave their now close friends and family members at the moment.

The point of why I told you about my past is, that no matter who you once were or where you are now, you can always unconditionally believe in yourself and prove one day in your lifetime to your haters, that they are just the haters and you the artist. The Artist of your life. So start your masterpiece.

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