Before We Go

by Kingsley

I have a dream! The most common and inspiring words of Martin Luther king. Yes we can! The most common and inspiring words of Barack Obama.

We will all one day leave this world to a journey of no return. People have come and people have gone. We've had people of influence who not only did things to change the world but they did things because they refused to be changed by the world.

Today we are faced with a number of ill changes that have crept deep in our hearts. The lack to show and give to one another, as the greatest commandment commands, love your neighbor as you love yourself.

See our children grow without us giving them the love that they need. We must be alive to the fact that our children learn by imitating and each one of us is a model to them weather we like it or not, they will inherit this world.

A lot of our children have had their childhood stolen from them. Our children must learn their true intended purpose on earth because respect and love is a long life task that should be lent at that age.

Childhood is a time when the dream that Martin Luther king talked about was not any other wish but a dream when we can all wake up one day and look at what we have built with pride using our future leaders. Yes we can, only when we the pillars holding our lights to sustain our roads stand firm.

The biggest question that every one of us should ask is what will our children say about us ten, fifteen years after we leave this world to them?

Time is now to make all the wrongs right and avoid falling in the traps that our fathers and mothers fell in. We blame them for that so lets live a lifestyle which will make our children praise and emulate our us.

Life is short and yes we can.

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