Blame Yourself For What You Don’t Have – Part 1

by Wiseman Zulu
(Lusaka, Zambia)

Take a very analytical thought, looking at your life in all fairness, of people you have worked with or still work with and if you are a Christian the God of heaven you believe and trust in for your spiritual and material wealth. The world is full of situations and people that disappoint us everyday. You are most of the times waiting for something good to happen to you and do good in order to receive the same but so often instead of the good you expect the story is the opposite on your side. It is a good for bad world we are living in.

Your expectations of spiritual and material wealth are very high but in some cases, what you sow is far less from yielding the wealth you expect. The Bible is clear on this issue, “Whatever a man sows this he will also reap”. If you sow disappointing people, you should with no doubt expect to be disappointed in life. You are responsible for the situations that take place in your life.

Blame yourself for what you don’t have. I do not know what you desire to have today or what you have perused for weeks, months, maybe years. But what I am very sure of is that you have a need of something so important that you somehow feel so desperate that you could do “anything” to have your need met.

I have heard people who say; “I don’t know what to do, or what I will do with him when I see him. I need help, my situation is critical; I can do “anything” for money”. What is important in achieving your material or spiritual wealth is doing “something” by getting inspiration from God. Be sure and define what you intend to do. Make sure also that you do no not do things “anyhow” but “somehow”. Much more important; you must surrender all your plans of wealth creation to God. Let Christ be the centre of your plans. Let Him control your life in totality.

Most people think they can “drive’ their lives just as they do drive their automobiles. The giver of life, God, is the only reliable controller of your life. The focus you put on the road to your destination when steering your wheel for life - it should be given to Christ to “drive.” Fear of the turn of events will for sure grip you, but God has never failed anyone who totally surrenders his heart and fully relies on God for spiritual and or material wealth. You are by yourself weak and all your seemingly bright ideas or dreams of creating everlasting wealth are dark without God controlling your entire life activities.

“Sometimes it takes years, but eventually you discover that the greatest hindrance to God’s blessing in your life is not others, it is yourself – your self-will, stubborn pride, and personal ambition”.

Rick Warren- The Purpose Driven Life:

- You must carefully choose your associates in every venture
- Imitate Jesus Christ
- Take time to evaluate your life on a daily basis.
- Cut off habits and people that slow down your goals and ambitions
- Spend time with people that have achieved what you desire to achieve
- Read books that spell out clearly your areas of interest.

John C. Maxwell in his book “The Winning Attitude” says, “It would be impossible to estimate the number of jobs which have been lost, the number of promotions missed, the number of sales not made and the number of marriage ruined by poor attitudes. But almost daily, we witness jobs that are held but hated and marriages that are tolerated but unhappy, all because people are waiting for others, or the world, to change instead of realizing that are responsible for their behavior. God is sufficient to give them the desire to change, but the choice to act upon that desire is theirs”.

There is an adage “that all the best things in life are free”. It is a good saying, isn’t it? But maybe the major question that would follow such a statement is have you ever received the best things for free in your life? Well, that is your food for thought because I do not know if you believe in the saying. But one thing I am sure of is that you have yourself to blame for not having what you need. You do not have what you desire probably because of personal character issues not limited to the following:

- You do not explain your needy situation to the superior and right authorities

- You have doubt in your heart; you simply do not believe you can have what you desire

- Your motives are self-centered

- You complain instead of explaining your problems to God and fellow man

- You often use short-cuts to find your way and earn your wealth

- You magnify problems instead of your source of supply

- You lack faith and patience, you can not wait any more to receive your wealth

- You do not know how to ask, search and knock

- You have not totally surrendered your issues to God the Creator –Your heavenly Father

- Your focus is more on material than it is on spiritual wealth. In other words, you seek food; drink; shelter and clothing before the Kingdom of God.

- You lack sincere and unselfish prayers

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By Evangelist Wiseman Zulu.
This Article is just a part of his forthcoming book "Mind2Wealth In 7 Days"

Wiseman is a Media Consultant by profession

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