Blame Yourself For What You Don’t Have – Part 2

by Wiseman Zulu
(Lusaka, Zambia)

Pause for a moment. Ask yourself deeply if you have applied all your effort and mind to achieving the desires of your heart. You probably do not have what you desire because you are not fully convinced that you need it. People are very good at spending the best time they possibly can, filling their minds with worry, fear thought and complain about life instead of working out solutions for challenges of life. “Worry is a destructive process of occupying the mind with thoughts contrary to God’s love and care.” (Norman Vincent Peale- The Power of Positive Thinking).

Maybe you have talked to your friend, spouse, pastor, parent or whomever you consider to be worthy of helping you. In my three years of my evangelism, as a Preacher and Teacher, especially when it comes to issues of material needs, I have noticed with great wonder that people explain their problems much better to fellow human beings than they do to God. If you are a Christian you may even say, but look evangelist, I have not only talked to people about my issue, I pray day and night about the situation- talking to God.

Yes, it is important to pray, we cannot do without prayer as Christians because it is the only way we talk to our heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ. In fact, “Prayer Works”. “Prayer Works” is actually the greeting message on my mobile phone and I am so delighted that my next book’s title is, “Prayer Works”.

Has it ever crossed your mind that to some extent even, what you consider to be prayer is total blames put on God? Some people ask; if God is there for us then why do we suffer? To find an answer to such a question- you must study His word and spend special face-to-face talks with God to fully understand His will for your life and what He has in store for you.

It is possible that you have asked for help from people you esteem close, important or superior in your life, people who have in the past greatly curbed most of your needy situations. But to blame God for what you are lacking in life is a wrong move. The point still remains that you have yourself to blame for what you do not have, because God’s will is that you prosper in all things.

Take for instance asking from God - praying. There could be a number of things that need fine-tuning in the way you ask. Is your motive self-centered? The most trusted book of all times, the Bible - the word of God, in the book of James Chapter 4:3 says only “When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with the wrong motives that you may send what you get on your pleasures.”

It is impossible for some one to know what you are thinking of, unless you tell that person about what you are thinking. But the eyes of God are everywhere on the earth and God searches the heart and all intensions of human beings are plainly known to Him. We can’t hide our motives from God. What ever the reasons for asking or working hard for the spiritual and or material wealth, remember that there is someone superior in control of everyone’s life and He is ready to bless- supply all your Spiritual and material wealth. And He has great plans for your present and the future. Besides, God knows the future from the beginning.

You may claim to have poured your whole heart to a friend, relative, even God. Have you without reserve fully told Him clearly your motives for what you desire Him to grant you? Total surrender of your issue into God’s hands and complete faith in our heavenly Father is pivotal to acquiring spiritual and material wealth. I will talk more on faith on Day-4, “Dead Faith”. Whatever Spiritual and or material wealth you have or desire to achieve, remember God as you celebrate your success… for it He who gives you ability to produce wealth, and so confirms His covenant, which He swore to your forefathers, as it is today.

By Evangelist Wiseman Zulu.
This Article is just a part of his forthcoming book "Mind2Wealth In 7 Days"

Wiseman is a Media Consultant by profession

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