Blind eyes that see

by Bernard

Have you ever imagined a blind person that sees? how annoying is it when they beg on the street yet they have clear vision? strangely is when they can even tell you in the face," hallo, the note you have just generously given is invalid" a word politely used for fake currency.

when I was growing up, I was literally "blind" and could not tell between past, current and future. after undergoing through powerful mind medication, I gained my sight and could clearly see life as it should be.

Fear veiled my sight and is the case with 90% of people looking forward to be successful. Research has shown and proved fear as dreadful as Ebola, the rare viral disease that scares even the 'called and set apart'.

My dream for success was so articulated, visioned, customized and mastered in brain. being torn between heart and mind is a very dangerous state and religious philosophers if I call them at times mislead their followers with the mythical believe, 'follow your heart'.

Certainly, humans being born naturally and through natural means have their head always coming first and the rest of the body following, a clear indication that God plan was that human beings should always use their head(brains) in EVERY thing they do. Following my heart made me blind again,i am now paying a BIG time price in terms of time, money, friends, jobs,and my dear family to live my dream again to be what i want to be.

my focus is building my motivational speaker dream crashing into burials, birthdays, social meetings uninvited just to see any opportunity to perfect my art and improve my skills. it is not easy as many times I feel empty after few lines and am left with no option than to take my sit embarrassed and humble. BUT,,,am still going on,,i fall and rise up, again and again until I make it!!. I strongly believe in myself that i am the only one who will make it HAPPEN!!

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